Friday, February 14, 2014

If you're on Pinterest you may have seen pictures of cut lettuce stumps being regrown on the windowsill. "Never throw out!" "Grow salad in your kitchen!" Well this sort of thing. You may have thought, like me, "No way that'll work. Why haven't we been doing that forever?" and I just got some romaine little gem lettuce so why not, I'll have a go.

A week later and wouldn't you know...

There's a Little Gem Romaine, and a "Sweet and Crunchy" type; older and recent end added. A ginger shoot as well because...well why not. I need a pot for that, it'll become my new house plant. that's more likely a death sentence. I'm ok with getting things to grow outdoor, but I kill houseplants. Just not attentive enough.

So this was an interesting experiment. Doubt they'll last the coming winter, but we'll see.