Wednesday, April 09, 2014

What's going on...

Did I mention we bought a house? We bought a house and moved in at the start of December, just in time for Summer. We live near the ocean and spend a lot of time on the beach. I'm in Australia, I'm living the ocean dream. I'm delighted. So many childhood dreams coming together. I can step out on the deck and watch the waves, smell the ocean and hear the waves on a windy day. Really, life is good. The kids are settled and really happy. Husband works from home and seems to be comfortable - he's still anxious but copes.

We've been tackling small but expensive upgrades. New blinds so we can get out onto the amazing deck without fighting through heavy, broken aluminium things. Covered all the gutters thereby evicting dozens of sparrow squatters. This week we had 16 small but overgrown trees removed. Many of them growing over an overflow pipe that is supposed to be clear. I took before and after shots if you're curious.  I just got that pile of mulch cleared into the vacant space, in two days - in the rain! Luckily my neighbour was happy to take about 10 wheelbarrows full. Next step is to put in some fruit trees and nut trees then some raised beds and then I'm going to grow my own veg. What's weird is I have clear childhood memories of my parents clearing out the backyard, putting in a veggie patch. They must have been a bit younger than I am now but only a few years, and that lasted a few years. I'll have to ask why they gave up.

My Mother in law arrives tomorrow along with Husband's Aunt. They'll be with us for a few weeks. We're thinking of how many things we can show them in that time, but hopefully they won't mind a few days just walking the beach and being at peace.

If I'm being honest - I live in Hippie/Hipster/Fitbod town. This is surfer's paradise. The entire culture around here is based around the waves. We see barefoot people everywhere - I mean everywhere. If stores had a "No shirt ,no shoes, no service" policy they'd go out of business. Locals don't wear shoes. Locals are barely out of swimwear. Any number of ocean sports are a hub here. It's a training ground for Ironman competitions. My doctor told me recently how he was out surfing and a few penguins were riding the waves with him. His apple tree was decimated by parrots and he thought it was wonderful.

This is what moving to Australia was supposed to be all about.

Not the city life. Not the 'burbs. This oceanside Nirvana. I hope the family coming to visit will see this and know, fully understand why this is home. I truly feel at home here.

Friday, February 14, 2014

If you're on Pinterest you may have seen pictures of cut lettuce stumps being regrown on the windowsill. "Never throw out!" "Grow salad in your kitchen!" Well this sort of thing. You may have thought, like me, "No way that'll work. Why haven't we been doing that forever?" and I just got some romaine little gem lettuce so why not, I'll have a go.

A week later and wouldn't you know...

There's a Little Gem Romaine, and a "Sweet and Crunchy" type; older and recent end added. A ginger shoot as well because...well why not. I need a pot for that, it'll become my new house plant. that's more likely a death sentence. I'm ok with getting things to grow outdoor, but I kill houseplants. Just not attentive enough.

So this was an interesting experiment. Doubt they'll last the coming winter, but we'll see.