Saturday, May 25, 2013

Writing progress/avoidance day three...

It's the weekend and everyone is home. I can't possibly write because the second the laptop comes out and they hear the sound of typing, I have an audience.

My eldest daughter, who at 13 (Can you believe she'll be 14 in three weeks) has "too close" syndrome. She cannot not touch me or be exactly in the place where she causes most frustration. She has zero awareness of being in the way. I have worn out the soles of sneakers just from stopping short to not run into her. She has no concept of personal space. If I'm typing, she's sitting there touching me in some way right next to me. If I'm at my desk, she will be in the same room breathing.

Don't I sound mean, complaining of my lovely daughter breathing? Friends! Darth Vader would Force-choke himself if he had to stay in a room with this extremely loud breather. It's nose breathing, it's mouth breathing, it's both at once! If she's got her headphones on (Which, is always) she also mutters in loud whispers, thinking she's talking in her head but She. Is. Not. Who could concentrate under those conditions?! OH and just try telling her to go away. The guilt; it is thick and sticky, just oozing with adolescent rejection.

The younger daughter (recently 9. She was 4 months old when I started this blog) is better at the personal space and happy to do her own projects but she's full of chatter and questions and stories and fidgeting and girlyfungoodness.

"Look at this Mum, isn't it great I've got plenty of pink," (she's making a cross stitch rainbow)
"Yup, doing great. Stitches look awesome." and they do from the quick head turn I give her.
"Yeah I think rainbows are better this way with the red on the bottom because then the purple is on top and i like purple better but pink being the best colour has to go on the absolute top and where exactly is the ultraviolet? It's like purple but Ultra Purple!!" Oh My I Love You But Shut Up!!!

Yesterday I'd planned to go into Melbourne for some yarn shopping but as I was blow drying Shorty's hair I saw lice. That was my entire morning shot as I treated and conditioner combed out both kids. Head lice is epidemic here. It's never a matter of If but When. We've managed to go six months without an infestation, and I caught it early enough that only Shorty had them and in few numbers.

Then we went to the stores for some camping clothes for the kids who have school and Girl Guides camps coming up. Waterproof boots; well actually I got them snow boots because they were awesome prices and the kids seemed to love them. Some fleeces, gloves and a warm sleeping bag to share as their camps aren't on the same weekends. It does get cold here in Winter but rarely snows where we live and at the coldest times, maybe get a frost.

Fill in the other hours with cooking meals, doing laundry, wiping counters and sweeping floors, buying beautiful yarn online and the day is gone.

They go to bed at 8 and 8:30 even on the weekends, mostly because they love to read in bed and hate what we watch on TV. They can mutter, breath and distract each other in their bunk beds. That should be a good time to write, right?

Saturday night is CSI night. I still had to conditioner comb out myself in case I had nits. (I did not, which made me feel guilty that I don't cuddle my kids enough. I do honestly, too close syndrome aside, cuddle my kids daily.) Then watched about five minutes of CSI NY and was hit with so much tired I just went to bed with a book, The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones, and was asleep before 10. On a Saturday.

Today is Sunday but it's also the last Sunday of the month which is when my Victoria knit&crochet group meets in the city. Shorty and I will be heading into Melbourne and spending the day with about 20 chatty ladies all obsessed with yarn and sharing projects. I tend to get home in time to make dinner.

Having done this post, I will now spend one hour on the story before having a shower, combing through my hair for nits (It becomes a paranoid obsession) and then hitting the trams.

So far this week I've re-read four pages of what I'd written back in November and edited it a lot. I'll continue with that this morning.


Sat down to begin some work on the story. within seconds Shorty was on the couch nearby showing off her new boots, stretching, yawning exaggeratedly and then creeping closer until she was leaning on the arm of the chair and reading over my shoulder.

Sassyface walked through. Paused behind me, walked back. "When you leaving?" "Ten thirty. Why do you want to come?" " boring." Then she walked in a circle of the hallways and came back. "Yeah ok. I'll go." then she walked to her music station which is behind my chair and began to practice her trombone.

Husband walked through (We had a minor tiff earlier) and he kissed me on the head, walked through the room, back the long way up the corridor to the kitchen and finished making his coffee. Then he came back into the room and sat on the arm of the sofa and watched me. I now had a child and Husband watching me while I try and type while a trombone parped behind me.

I fucking quit after managing 15 minutes!!


Beth said...

You fucking SHOULD quit facebook, I mean you can't talk about your daughter like that there, can you? No one says anything that matters on facebook, anyway. Also: Twitter. Just Say No.

I have missed you. So there.

You need some space to go to write, obvs. Laptops are mobile. Find a little cafe and spend your hour there.

Anonymous said...

My hubby has been home for five weeks, don't even get me started! I haven't had a moments' peace. Ahem, anyway.

A little cafe sounds nice. And so does quitting Facebook. Come back to Bloglandia! People don't get all up in your shit, they just love you and you can love them back if you like! No pressure!

I need to find a group to join in my new city! I wonder if they have one for bitches?

Maja said...

That is bloody hilarious.

I like facebook, just to see what everyone's up to. Twitter has links to interesting articles.

I haven't blogged in months, I've got too many other things to do during Olivia's naptime.