Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a small rant.

I hate bad commercials. I hate them mostly because they think we are so stupid we won't call them out on their bullshit. We really need to let ad agencies know when they've failed. Do they really think we don't question their strategy. Don't answer that. I'm aware that a proportion of society are TV drones and don't question anything, otherwise alex Jones wouldn't have an audience.

This is a new ad that annoyed me this morning;

Not only do they twist a mother's guilt of providing good nutrition for our kids, they play that we could be causing malnutrition. For kids who are choosing not to eat healthy food. This is a behaviour issue, not a systemic lack of a food source. Parents shouldn't cave in to the "won't eats". Mothers despise throwing out perfectly good food. The waste of money, effort and lack of appreciation. Yes I'm sorry but Moms get pissed off that folks won't eat the food we cooked. We would rather be doing something far more fun, like reading a book, than cooking for a bunch of unappreciative whingers. That said, all the stuff thrown away could have been used as leftovers.

It's the insidious threat of malnutrition that stings the most. If someone has a kid that genuinely hates all food and/or gets gag reflex or reflux from eating then in those rare cases a supplement could help. But not for every kid! Just make your kids eat. Be sneaky, pureé everything, they'll never know. Trust me. Or, I don't know, expose the kids to many different types of foods and then remember which ones they liked and make those things more often?

Then, to top it all off, Sustagen is Nestlé product. I don't want to go into a secondary rant about the evils of Nestlé in the third world where real malnutrition is real problem.

Point is, the ad is so easily talked away, so quickly dismissed that it seals for me never buy a product from them. Any parent who thinks giving kids a glass of high sugar vitamin water instead of real food is a moron.


Anonymous said...

My kids were never picky eaters because they didn't know they had that option. It's always been "this is your food, eat it."
People are getting dumber.

Maja said...

Marketing. Have you been watching the checkout on ABC? It's the BEST! All about that kind of stuff.

My mum bought some yoghurt because it said baby's first yoghurt or some bullshit, even though Olivia has been eating plain greek yoghurt and it's fine. Anyway, this yoghurt was FLAVOURED! I was so mad. It doesn't even taste as nice as greek yoghurt. Blech.