Monday, May 14, 2012

Weird dreams. Seriously weird dreams.

I've had a couple weird dreams over the weekend. I don't know exactly what they mean. Usually I can figure it out, but these two dreams leave me confused. And a bit grossed out.

First dream, I was back to my childhood home, in the restaurant across the street from the town library. Except it was different; open and had a big outdoor seating area with a large open BBQ (That's an Aussie inspiration). It was dark and there was a bonfire going. It was late autumn and cold. Getting near the first snows. I was talking to some generic dream people when my brother staggers over. I was surprised to see him, I'd had no idea he was coming back home, too! I was happy to see him, but noticed he was scruffy, bedraggled. He was carrying a large box and was staggering about like he was drunk.

I asked him if he was ok, and he insisted he was. He told me he has to show me some amazing rocks he'd found. These were super important rocks. He was getting a bit frustrated, shooing other people away and insisting I see these rocks! Someone commented on the bad smells. Something did smell awful, and when I looked I noticed my brother had vomit all down the back of his coat. I asked if he was sick, but he waved away my concern and said he'd clean it later. People scurried away from the crazy man. I said I'd love to see his rocks. Then he opens his box and starts showing me some pretty normal rocks, going on about where he found them. In the box, are cut up portions of someone's foot. random toes, the top bit and ball of a foot, heel and ankle bone. All frozen, with bits of ice crystals forming between the toes. I was about to ask him whose feet those were when I woke myself up. That was too weird to keep going with.

Last night I dreamed (dreampt) I was back working at the bank in Scotland. One of my co-workers (Who I had been talking with on Facebook during the day so I know why he featured in the dream) walks by and sits in a chair opposite the desk from me. He looks very sad. Very depressed. I ask him if he's ok and he says he doesn't think he can go on. I asked if he wasn't happy with his job and he says he's not happy with anything. He can't make anything work. I feel sorry for him and ask if there's anything I can do, even just listen if he wants to vent. He says he's stressed and sick. He's so stressed out he's starting to break out in sores all over his skin.

He pulls up his sleeve and shows me he has a painful looking ulcer on his forearm. About the size of a silver dollar/50cent piece. I'm just looking, thinking 'this poor guy, what could I do for him?' when he starts to kind of smile, like he's thought of a funny joke, and smirks to himself. Then he pulls a teaspoon out of his pocket and digs it into this ulcer on his arm, spoons up a bunch of scabby, pus-filled tissue and then eats it. I wake up as he's about to dig the spoon again, all the while he's smiling at me.

Seriously folks - what the fuck does that mean?!?

Also, it seems, my last post was my 1000th post. Boy do I talk a lot of shit!