Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've gone "No Poo" and it's been great!!

I'm not talking about my bowels! You'll be forgiven for thinking I was because quite honestly it's a stupid name this trend has claimed and I worry it could not be taken seriously as a result. You only have to say "I've gone No Poo," and you will get weird looks and people think your new diet is dangerous.

The No Poo Movement - seriously, they call it that - is about giving up the harsh detergents and chemicals in commercially produced shampoos. If you take a day to pay attention to advertising, you'll be amazed just how many shampoo or conditioner ads you'll encounter. Not to mention the sales push when you go to the salon to get a trim. We are told a lot and often that a new product could help our flyaway, dry, oily, flaky horrible hair. The thought behind No Poo is that it's the shampoo causing all our hair troubles in the first place.

I have for years thought, jokingly and to myself because no one appreciates my sense of humour sometimes, that who would order oily hair? Or dandruff? This bottle says it's for dry, flyaway hair and I don't want that. Normal is great. I'll take normal. Seems that way of thinking is not too far from the truth.

The past 6 weeks I've been washing my hair with a solution of 1TBS of bicarbonate of soda mixed in one cup of water. I then use 1TBS of apple cider vinegar diluted in one cup of water for a finishing rinse. That's It. Once a week I'll add a bit of conditioner to the ends of my hair because I have curly hair and it's prone to frizz and splits.

I was extremely skeptical when I first read about people using bicarb and water to wash their hair - mental! Right? Let me tell you: it fucking works! It works awesomely. It gets all the styling products out, greasy roots cleared and leaves the hair squeaky clean. Squeaky! I put the solution into an old plastic spouted honey bottle and use less than half the solution (my hair's short) and rub it gently into my scalp, squeeze it through the length and finger tease it through the curls and rinse. Amazing. You'll have to give it a try yourself to prove my words. The other thing, the bicarb makes my skin nice and soft so whatever drips on my face or shoulders, is not being taxed. I've always had dry, flaky skin and it's been put down to genetics and diet and now I'm wondering if it's detergents in shampoos and body washes.

The vinegar rinse I'm not as in love with, Yes it leaves the hair shiny but I notice the vinegar smell after it's dried. I do add a couple drops of essential oil (Rainforest blend) to make it smell better but I still find I need a bit of styling product to scrunch my curls. On days I don't scrunch, but just blowdry - it's amazing. I just don't like the vinegar smell.

Overall it's been a positive experiment. I've used the same products with Sassyface who has problems with adolescent hair; greasy roots, dandruff and frizz. Poor lass. This has cleared up her dandruff substantially. Hardly a flake and what is there is very small and I'd almost say completely normal. Yes she needs to wash more often - every 2-3 days - which is more normal and it's control the greasiness. She's completely happy with the results. We can only conclude that the dandruff and frizz was made worse by the dandruff shampoos. They're just too harsh for her.

Lastly, it's cheap. So cheap. How much is a box of baking soda? A dollar? Two? Even if you bought brand name and used special filtered spring water it'll be cheaper than most shampoos.

Me in January just after my birthday
Me in Jaunary

Me in March, just this week. See my streaks?
Me in March

(My hair is not green, it's the photo fringing in green from the background light. Top one notice how crunchy the curls look, recent picture is blown-dry and no styling products)

Be skeptical, give it a try. Find an old squeeze bottle and have a go. Let me know what you think. What I have noticed is my hair is growing fast - that could be seasonal. The grey is really shining and sparkly. Now I know most people do not want to draw attention to their grey, but I do not colour my hair anymore so it's out there for all to see.On reading other people's comments, this is a good option for those wanting to preserve their coloured hair as detergents strip colour faster. I can't say one way or the other, that would have to be your test.