Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Lemon Cupcakes and Date Scones and a fast scarf....

Yesterday I mentioned there was a country fair at the school and Shorty entered the cupcake baking contest. Turns out it's not next week, it's tomorrow! Fucka-duck. I was positive the email I got a couple weeks ago said it was on the 19th but no, it's tomorrow.

Yesterday I made two different recipes of lemon muffins and let the family taste test them to see which they preferred. I was chuffed when they chose the first one which so happened to be my own, time tested favourite recipe. The only thing they all agreed was: more lemon. Well these folks are going to get some kick ass lemon bomb cupcakes now! I'm going to actually spend money on a zester and zest my little heart out.*

When Sassyface saw me give a dollar to let her sister enter a cupcake competition, she whined "I want a dollar!" and I told her she had to enter a competition and pay a dollar for the privileged. Did she have her entry form? No. So she had to go get one from the office, wringing her hands in anxiety because she'd have to talk to the receptionist - who is lovely, sweet and accommodating. But sucjh is the way of a anxious (lazy) kid "You do it for me?"

nope. You want to enter a contest, you enter it, not me. I'll have your dollar ready when you return. Good on her, she did it. then the cheeky besom entered two competitions and demanded $2. She entered finger knitting and scones. Luckily she's had a knitting project on the go for a couple weekends and has just been cramming her last stitches along on a soft, cranberry coloured scarf on the circle loom. She should have it ready for tomorrow. I may have to help tie tassels.

Now to find a recipe for date scones. Again, I have one that I use that's stupid easy, lazy and vegan. she says she'll use that one "The super sweet one." I argued it's not super sweet! But then, the dates done right are really sweet and the recipe doesn't need a lot of sugar if the dates are right.

This afternoon my little counter top oven is going to be very, very busy.

Wait - have I talked about the oven here? I haven't, have I? Well we moved house a few months ago because the old landlord was annoying and so were a few of our neighbors. One had many small dogs that barked all day. We have a new house and it's great on a quiet dead-end street (although our new neighbor just got a puppy that howls and barks all day indoors and outdoors) and we're happy. One thing I was taken with was the big, 900mm deluxe oven. I thought, I'll be able to cook up a storm in the mofo. Sadly, no. The oven doen't work. The gas top does, the grill does, the oven on max barely hits 100C. So gutted! I ended up going out and buying a small Breville counter top oven and let me tell you - this thing is awesome! Sadly not big enough for a Thanksgiving turkey. Turns out this deluxe oven the owners have is notorious for being crap. One star ratings galore. Biggest complaint was loss of temp. A total Golden Dancer.

Busy day; lemon cupcakes that exhibit the awesomeness of lemons, date scones and quick finish a knitting project. Here I go!

*Also let clarify that the kids will be doing all of this themselves. I m not doing all their baking for them. I found the recipes, tested them and now they're ready to bake them, themselves. I will help Sassy put on her tassels but she's cramming her own knitting. There will be no "You do it for me." bullshit because that would be cheating. Sassy did think she could just enter the school colours scarf I'd made for her last year in the contest, but I told her flat out No. Cheaters earn hollow victories. There's no pride in it.


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I love that you test-baked this stuff with your kids but are making them do it. Yay you!