Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lacking in foresight...

I just saw this political image on a friend's facebook page and it made me so angry.

Really? Let Jesus run the country? Has he returned and not let any of us know? No? Didn't think so, surely that would have been on the news. Well what then, put some religious experts in power so they can tell us what Jesus would do if he were there? Will these religious dynamos who have the inside line into Jesus's wishes and desires for the American population be making all our policies and clearing up all the ones Jesus would find unholy? That can't be right...surely they are just men and we cannot trust men. It says so right there in the quoted Psalm. Why not throw out democracy entirely, go back to theocracy and be done with it all - let Jesus guide us in his ever silent way. That sounds like a great idea - it worked perfectly in the Dark Ages after all, right?

Can we have an X over every Republican candidate's face too? Since they are all men or at least HUman as we now get to include Bachmann. To be honest, this would have to be a promotion of women over men - it doesn't say not to trust women after all.

Really now; what the fuck are you thinking?! If you want to try that kind of life, go live in Iran for a while. Keep telling yourself it wouldn't actually be like that because it would be a christian nation and then your self-deluded indoctrination will be complete because if you honestly think Christians wouldn't run their country exactly the same way then you are living in a dream world.

Wake up!

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Rox said...

Yeah that's some fucked up shit right there! Maybe they should all sit around and pray for an answer and maybe one will fall from the sky. Logic be damned!