Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I don't want to know about your Organic Movement...

I'd love it if people wouldn't use the word organic to mean anything other than chemical free farming and produce. I'd also appreciate it if people would not say the word organic with an odd, sexualized lingering as one does for unctuous or moist. Stop trying to turn the word organic into orgasm; it's not to be used that way.

I think the biggest abusers are fashion types. They talk about organic fashion but not in the "This fabric if from organic cotton," kind of way. They roll the word organic around to mean original, new and sexually charged.

I know Frank Lloyd Wright used the term "Organic Architecture" to describe his mixing of habitation with nature. I get that - that makes sense. Your eyeglasses, however, are not organic fashion. I don't even think "organic ideas" works. Show me an example of pesticide/toxin free ideas? Is that some kind of Buddhism?

If I hear another drawling sycophant dribble "Oh my God, that is so organic." one more time I'll flip. Really now, cut it out. It's as vacuous as Hilton's saying hot with two Ts as if that makes it extra hot. "That is so hottt it got three Ts," ; dry heaves ahoy!

I can't even find the original post that set me off in my prudish word rant. It may have been something I read about Occupy Wall Street being an organic movement. All I could think about toxin free fertilizer. OWS deserves better wording. It's like that other dreadful phrase "Grassroots revival" ugh it makes me nauseated.

What's so bad with "Rally"?

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Anonymous said...

"Rally" is a NASCAR word. It mustn't be used!

I used to go out with this guy who hated the word "caress." Oh, he liked to act out the word, just hated to say it.

The word organic reminds me of Lindsay Buckingham. He used it when describing how he was reunited with Fleetwood Mac to do The Chain album, said it came from an organic place. I don't think he was referring to the pesticides, but you never know with Lindsay Buckingham.