Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lacking in foresight...

I just saw this political image on a friend's facebook page and it made me so angry.

Really? Let Jesus run the country? Has he returned and not let any of us know? No? Didn't think so, surely that would have been on the news. Well what then, put some religious experts in power so they can tell us what Jesus would do if he were there? Will these religious dynamos who have the inside line into Jesus's wishes and desires for the American population be making all our policies and clearing up all the ones Jesus would find unholy? That can't be right...surely they are just men and we cannot trust men. It says so right there in the quoted Psalm. Why not throw out democracy entirely, go back to theocracy and be done with it all - let Jesus guide us in his ever silent way. That sounds like a great idea - it worked perfectly in the Dark Ages after all, right?

Can we have an X over every Republican candidate's face too? Since they are all men or at least HUman as we now get to include Bachmann. To be honest, this would have to be a promotion of women over men - it doesn't say not to trust women after all.

Really now; what the fuck are you thinking?! If you want to try that kind of life, go live in Iran for a while. Keep telling yourself it wouldn't actually be like that because it would be a christian nation and then your self-deluded indoctrination will be complete because if you honestly think Christians wouldn't run their country exactly the same way then you are living in a dream world.

Wake up!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I don't want to know about your Organic Movement...

I'd love it if people wouldn't use the word organic to mean anything other than chemical free farming and produce. I'd also appreciate it if people would not say the word organic with an odd, sexualized lingering as one does for unctuous or moist. Stop trying to turn the word organic into orgasm; it's not to be used that way.

I think the biggest abusers are fashion types. They talk about organic fashion but not in the "This fabric if from organic cotton," kind of way. They roll the word organic around to mean original, new and sexually charged.

I know Frank Lloyd Wright used the term "Organic Architecture" to describe his mixing of habitation with nature. I get that - that makes sense. Your eyeglasses, however, are not organic fashion. I don't even think "organic ideas" works. Show me an example of pesticide/toxin free ideas? Is that some kind of Buddhism?

If I hear another drawling sycophant dribble "Oh my God, that is so organic." one more time I'll flip. Really now, cut it out. It's as vacuous as Hilton's saying hot with two Ts as if that makes it extra hot. "That is so hottt it got three Ts," ; dry heaves ahoy!

I can't even find the original post that set me off in my prudish word rant. It may have been something I read about Occupy Wall Street being an organic movement. All I could think about toxin free fertilizer. OWS deserves better wording. It's like that other dreadful phrase "Grassroots revival" ugh it makes me nauseated.

What's so bad with "Rally"?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Guest room not free...

I'm going to write something here today. Where to start? I dunno; Title? uhm....I can think of a title later. Right, ready, type something...*Beep* Damn it! Washing machine interrupting me just at the moment I'm about to type something when I've not typed anything for days I mean what is that trying to say? Haha funny world having a joke on me.

Laundry done for now, so now. What to type?

I've been reading writing books again, I've been watching TED videos on creativity. I've been rather ill with a terrible cough that better not be Whooping cough or I will punch Jenny McCarthy in her smug anti-vaccination face. Yet the other day I had an idea. It just hit me, as it would after a TED video about ideas and where they come from and how other artists work through the process. I'm not an artist - how very smug. To be an artist you have to actually create something that other people seem to like, before that you're just a hobbyist; subject to every ounce of disdain and discouragement leveled upon you by the world who deems artists as inferior until they actually become famous. Society is seriously fucked up, don't you agree?

I didn't agree with Ms. Guilbert about creativity being an external thing or a Dobby the House Elf whispering in a writer's ear at inopportune moments, but I played with the idea. I thought about it being an external process. I got bored and made tea.

I then tried Amy Tan's talk on creativity. She mixes creativity with science and it worked much better for me. Amy Tan, I'm loving her now. Had not dipped my toe into her world before but will now.

Everyone has their process on where their ideas come from. In this I think it's very nuture vs nature. It is not innate, it is not predestined. It's also, annoying as it is, not always linear. I wish I could discover a story from beginning to end all logical and twinging the emotions at the right points. But it doesn't, not ever. For me, it's an argument. It always begins with an argument. I get a vivid movie flash of a disagreement, an epiphany for one over the unfairness of the other. It's extremely clear, their feelings, their machinations, their lack of self awareness. It's voyeuristic. I can barely get the whole of it on paper before it's gone. That's it. That's all I get; a fight. I am then left alone to figure out how these two got to be in this fight in the first place, and then what happens after the fight. I flounder. I have pages and pages of fights. Fights in cafes, fights in the home, fights in the car. Arguments, clashing wills, blatant ignorance.

When you happen upon a couple in the full fury of a disagreement so that the world melts away for them and they see nothing but their opponent, you can't help but watch. How could you not watch? They fight and then it's over because one storms off. You may share the story over coffee but eventually it's gone except for the thought that those two were assholes. Really, those two people arguing in public are assholes. These are the people who my subconscious/conscious bring to me to write about. Now I ask you - is that fair? Well, I suppose it is. If we see these arguments in reality it can be uncomfortable for us to witness but in a book we are removed from it all as it's fictional. It may have actually happened and the writer was using real life in their fiction but the reader won't know that. Barrier in place, freedom to enjoy.

I don't like it when people fight. I do like a good debate, a good exchange, wit and charm. But what to do with these people? That's where I get a bit stuck. I shouldn't feel responsible for them, like Amy Tan's example of if you save a man from drowning, you're now responsible for him; no. I don't want to responsible for them - but am I?