Monday, May 09, 2011

Stuff and Mothers

It was Mothers' day yesterday, but you lot are still hanging on to the last few hours of the Sunday. I phoned my mom this morning and we had a chat and it was nice. I don't send presents - the woman has everything and needs nothing. She's collected and purged so much stuff in her 7 decades; why would I want to add more? I think it becomes a burden. If I was to get something for Mom, I think I'd get her a Kindle. She was a mad book fiend all her life, but since meeting StepDad she's not as hungry for the yarn. Probably has something to do with real happiness and not reading about the adventures of others. Her story is really interesting just now. She's involved in her life. It's great to see. It's something I'm very grateful to StepDad for; giving Mom back her happy.

She's been in the hospital for the past week and a bit because my StepDad had major surgery. He's doing great, but the poor woman hasn't left the hospital in that time. Sleeping in bedside recliners and now she's finally got a proper bed. Selfishly, I'm delighted he's recovering so well. Mom will keep her happiness. He is her joy. I've never seen her so in love, and I was worried when he went in for his surgery to remove cancer from his lung - and it was a close call. He died for 15 minutes. - that she'd be devastated without him. I don't think it's any big secret she loves him more than she did my Dad. Theirs was a relationship of frustration; good and bad. This time around, she gets romance. I'm writing a thank you note to the surgeon who kept him alive by applying heart massage for those 15 minutes. So far he's got no neurological damage - that's stunning! Wouldn't you write a thank you note?!

I did have to ask Mom, and I asked today; did he see the white light? Did he find his passed loved ones? Did he feel the flames of Hell on his heels? Nothing. He got nothing. I wasn't the first person to ask him this - can you imagine?! I waited at least a week before getting insanely nosy. But he said it was anesthesia dreams and no Heavenly memories. You'd have asked too, wouldn't you? How often do you come across someone who's died and been brought back to life?? I mean as someone who doesn't work in a hospital.

Am I abusing the semi colon? I've kind of rediscovered it and I'm having my own romance with the semi colon. Do people even notice it? It's much more softhearted than a comma or ellipses. It's a wink or a nod.

I took a short writing break and started back with knitting. I think I've got the hang of it finally. I still struggle with Continental style or not and yarn in left or right hand and stuff is being made and coming along at a not too bad pace. I do find it much more boring than crochet. Probably because I have to concentrate on what I'm doing more than I would with crochet and as it's repetitive it's dull. I'd rather watch TV and mindlessly knit like I can with crochet but I'm not there just now so repeating the same four stitched over and over is getting blah. I rotate between three projects just to stop the boredom. I've ripped back many more. I have a bad habit of pulling things apart when about 40 rows into the pattern. "I don't like this as much as I thought I would; The yarn isn't right for this pattern; These aren't the right needles for either the yarn or the pattern." I get looks of horror from other knitters when I tell them. "You pulled it all out?! Why? You could've fixed it!" I just didn't like it. No hard feelings; not that invested.

You're noticing my semi colons now, aren't you?

I went for an eye exam. I'm getting older and my astigmatism is getting more annoying. I have one in both eyes now. One makes me short sighted, the other long. How's that for fun! I think I chose some nice frames; nothing too heavy or clunky or stupidly fashionable for my often plain face. One set of micro wire frames and another mildly fashionable. The word "varifocals" came into play at one point swiftly followed by "But you're too young yet for those!" Charmers.

Have had 2 really good writing ideas over the past few days. Aren't they always really good in the beginning?? they begin to suck shit once I try and write them. Can't I be the idea person? Can't someone else write it and I just yea or nae where they go with the story? No? Yes?


MissPosy said...

I love semi colons; that is all.

MissPosy said...

I also love that you don't have that awful word verification rubbish. THANK YOU!

jomamma said...

Hubby wrote thank you notes to the Drs. that cured him of cancer.

I feel no remorse and angst when ripping out my knitting either.

MissPosy said...

I wanted to come back when I had more time to comment on the first part of your post...

My mum had a mastectomy late last year to remove her cancer (after initially having a lumpectomy) - and then had to go back in for another surgery when she was bleeding internally. It was a little hairy there for a while - I wanted to KISS the Doctor when he came in the next day to check how Mum was recovering. I think a thank you note is far more appropriate xx

Maja said...

Didnt even notice the semi colon until you mentioned it, had to go back and look. Then instantly forgot about it and still didn't notice. I think semi colons fitted what you wrote seamlessly, and def. not too many.

My mum has astigmatism and is short sighted in one eye and longsighted in the other too! But she's had it all her life. She still doesn't wear her glasses all the time. I don't know how she can do that, i wear mine all the time, i hate not being able to see properly.

Roxrocks said...

My dear Murphy just got progressive contacts. Basically, they change your prescription so that one eye sees close and one eye sees far away. I can't wait until she puts them in the wrong eye and smacks into something! LOL!

I once met a woman with trifocals. She had limited depth perception. I was afraid to go down the stairs in front of her.

I use too many exclamation marks. It's how I talk though. We all have our vices.

jomamma said...

I think I'm going to try the progressive contacts, I have progressive lenses in my glasses. I just hate wearing the glasses.