Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ghosts of ghosts

Is it just me or do the lead singers of these bands all sound the same?

Cherry Ghost, Kissing Strangers (From Bolton, England about 150 miles from London)

Boy & Bear, Mexican Mavis (Sydney, Australia)

And even to some extent; Mumford & Sons, Winter Winds (From London)

And there are more! I just think there's a trend for these softly falsetto warble men. It's all good music, but when I hear it a lot I get confused over who's who and since I first heard Cherry Ghost, I always ask "Is that a new Cherry Ghost song? It sounds like the singer from Cherry Ghost." Nope, it's another CG type.


jomamma said...

I was thinking the same thing the other day about 3 different female singers. I guess they all have the same kind of style. I have figured out that Rihanna's songs played on the radio are all about having the crap beat out of her.

Roxrocks said...

The first two sound like Coldplay, but the second one sounds like Coldplay/The Fray. The third one sounds like a Cape Breton Band. Any Cape Breton Band. LOL!