Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Monday!

I am all dressed, washed and perfumed. I have a job interview this morning. For a children's clothing store. I've done this sort of job before when I worked at BabyGap in Edinburgh so I know i can do the work without much stress. We're trying to save up for a down payment on a house. We are definitely staying in Australia. We love it here. Once we get the permanent residency we'll get some real estate and stop renting...then again the market isn't in our favor and buying a house in our current neighborhood would be at least one million dollars - and that just the land, never mind the house. I think the property bubble will burst in the next 18months-2 years. It's starting to decline. anyways...

I noticed the carpet was soaked in front of the bathroom last night. Turns out the hot water hose in the laundry room next door has been leaking. It's not been doing it for too long, but long enough. I'll set the dehumidifier in there and hopefully we'll not have to let the landlord know. I'm out to buy a new hose after my interview.

Here's me, in a dreary morning with fluorescent lighting. Have I mentioned I've stopped colouring my hair? Can you see the grey streak I'm sporting? It's pretty wild seeing how grey my hair has become. I still have some leftover summer streaks.

Job interview face

Job interview face

And my new glasses.

wish me luck!!


Roxrocks said...

This post didn't show up on my feed! Good luck, although I know you won't need it, something tells me the job is in the bag!


You're brave. For being natural. Hell, I've been contemplating dyeing the carpet to match the curtains, that's how depressed about the grey I am.

sillypuppet said...

ok- nevemind the dish. ;) I just read the other post. COngrats again!

PS (Your pics aren't coming through) Boo

Lyvvie said...

Yeah how weird! It's not shown in my google reader either. Maybe my mug was deemed unworthy of sharing?

Lyvvie said...

That'll be better. Love Flickr.

Maja said...

Greys are hot, and you know it!

jmc said...

Good luck on the interview!

Re: grey hair, I've been noticeably grey since my early now afraid to stop coloring my hair, for fear of how very grey I'll be. It's genetic: my gran was all grey (iron grey) by 40 and silvery white by 55. Mom is probably the same, although I haven't seen her natural color in 20 years :)

jmc said...

Okay, this post just showed up in my feed! And it's a month old! So I hope the interview went very well last month :)