Monday, May 30, 2011

Loused up Monday

A couple days ago Shorty and her friends were throwing sawdust into each others hair. This morning, while walking to school, I noticed Shorty's scalp was dirty. I said "You did a bad job washing your hair, it's still covered in dirt..." when the dirt moved. But no - she's got a right good infestation of head lice. The utter irony of this, is that she'd just been saying this morning before we headed out that she'd never had head lice. None of us has. Shorty took particular pride. Imagine my confusion and then slumped acceptance when that speck of dirt moved. I, at first, thought she had fleas. They looked the same. No one has ever told me lice look like fleas. Sesame seeds was what I'd had them described as, not fleas. Apparently I've had more experience with fleas than they have. And sesame seeds.

We sent big sister along to school on her own* and we turned around and walked straight to the pharmacy. I went to the counter and when asked "May I help you?" Shorty announced loud and proud "I have nits!!" to which I'm sure everyone in the shop took an immediate step back from us both. Truthfully, for a kid who'd just boasted about how she'd never had nits, to be so delighted that she was now full of them was surreal. The pharmacist was great and I spent a fortune on all the stuff; foaming insecticide, shampoo, conditioner and the Rolls Royce of nit combs. She then sat happily in a warm bath for 45 minutes stinking of toxins; blissful. I began to get so overrun with feelings of creepy things on my head and face I used the solution too; I had been laying in her bed with her last night, sharing her pillow.

She was less happy to be sat on a low stool between my knees for two hours while I removed all the egg casings with the Rolls Royce of nit combs. She was less happy with my choice of TV show; Quincy M.E.

I'll have to repeat the combings every other day and do another Family stinky foam head on Sunday. I'll need to buy another bottle, too.

*I'm sure someone will be thinking why did I let Sassy go to school when chances are she has nits too? Well she'd had a haircut the day before and I'm certain if there had been any signs of nits the hairdresser would have let me know. She'll be treated tonight with the same potions, regardless.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Monday!

I am all dressed, washed and perfumed. I have a job interview this morning. For a children's clothing store. I've done this sort of job before when I worked at BabyGap in Edinburgh so I know i can do the work without much stress. We're trying to save up for a down payment on a house. We are definitely staying in Australia. We love it here. Once we get the permanent residency we'll get some real estate and stop renting...then again the market isn't in our favor and buying a house in our current neighborhood would be at least one million dollars - and that just the land, never mind the house. I think the property bubble will burst in the next 18months-2 years. It's starting to decline. anyways...

I noticed the carpet was soaked in front of the bathroom last night. Turns out the hot water hose in the laundry room next door has been leaking. It's not been doing it for too long, but long enough. I'll set the dehumidifier in there and hopefully we'll not have to let the landlord know. I'm out to buy a new hose after my interview.

Here's me, in a dreary morning with fluorescent lighting. Have I mentioned I've stopped colouring my hair? Can you see the grey streak I'm sporting? It's pretty wild seeing how grey my hair has become. I still have some leftover summer streaks.

Job interview face

Job interview face

And my new glasses.

wish me luck!!

Ghosts of ghosts

Is it just me or do the lead singers of these bands all sound the same?

Cherry Ghost, Kissing Strangers (From Bolton, England about 150 miles from London)

Boy & Bear, Mexican Mavis (Sydney, Australia)

And even to some extent; Mumford & Sons, Winter Winds (From London)

And there are more! I just think there's a trend for these softly falsetto warble men. It's all good music, but when I hear it a lot I get confused over who's who and since I first heard Cherry Ghost, I always ask "Is that a new Cherry Ghost song? It sounds like the singer from Cherry Ghost." Nope, it's another CG type.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Stuff and Mothers

It was Mothers' day yesterday, but you lot are still hanging on to the last few hours of the Sunday. I phoned my mom this morning and we had a chat and it was nice. I don't send presents - the woman has everything and needs nothing. She's collected and purged so much stuff in her 7 decades; why would I want to add more? I think it becomes a burden. If I was to get something for Mom, I think I'd get her a Kindle. She was a mad book fiend all her life, but since meeting StepDad she's not as hungry for the yarn. Probably has something to do with real happiness and not reading about the adventures of others. Her story is really interesting just now. She's involved in her life. It's great to see. It's something I'm very grateful to StepDad for; giving Mom back her happy.

She's been in the hospital for the past week and a bit because my StepDad had major surgery. He's doing great, but the poor woman hasn't left the hospital in that time. Sleeping in bedside recliners and now she's finally got a proper bed. Selfishly, I'm delighted he's recovering so well. Mom will keep her happiness. He is her joy. I've never seen her so in love, and I was worried when he went in for his surgery to remove cancer from his lung - and it was a close call. He died for 15 minutes. - that she'd be devastated without him. I don't think it's any big secret she loves him more than she did my Dad. Theirs was a relationship of frustration; good and bad. This time around, she gets romance. I'm writing a thank you note to the surgeon who kept him alive by applying heart massage for those 15 minutes. So far he's got no neurological damage - that's stunning! Wouldn't you write a thank you note?!

I did have to ask Mom, and I asked today; did he see the white light? Did he find his passed loved ones? Did he feel the flames of Hell on his heels? Nothing. He got nothing. I wasn't the first person to ask him this - can you imagine?! I waited at least a week before getting insanely nosy. But he said it was anesthesia dreams and no Heavenly memories. You'd have asked too, wouldn't you? How often do you come across someone who's died and been brought back to life?? I mean as someone who doesn't work in a hospital.

Am I abusing the semi colon? I've kind of rediscovered it and I'm having my own romance with the semi colon. Do people even notice it? It's much more softhearted than a comma or ellipses. It's a wink or a nod.

I took a short writing break and started back with knitting. I think I've got the hang of it finally. I still struggle with Continental style or not and yarn in left or right hand and stuff is being made and coming along at a not too bad pace. I do find it much more boring than crochet. Probably because I have to concentrate on what I'm doing more than I would with crochet and as it's repetitive it's dull. I'd rather watch TV and mindlessly knit like I can with crochet but I'm not there just now so repeating the same four stitched over and over is getting blah. I rotate between three projects just to stop the boredom. I've ripped back many more. I have a bad habit of pulling things apart when about 40 rows into the pattern. "I don't like this as much as I thought I would; The yarn isn't right for this pattern; These aren't the right needles for either the yarn or the pattern." I get looks of horror from other knitters when I tell them. "You pulled it all out?! Why? You could've fixed it!" I just didn't like it. No hard feelings; not that invested.

You're noticing my semi colons now, aren't you?

I went for an eye exam. I'm getting older and my astigmatism is getting more annoying. I have one in both eyes now. One makes me short sighted, the other long. How's that for fun! I think I chose some nice frames; nothing too heavy or clunky or stupidly fashionable for my often plain face. One set of micro wire frames and another mildly fashionable. The word "varifocals" came into play at one point swiftly followed by "But you're too young yet for those!" Charmers.

Have had 2 really good writing ideas over the past few days. Aren't they always really good in the beginning?? they begin to suck shit once I try and write them. Can't I be the idea person? Can't someone else write it and I just yea or nae where they go with the story? No? Yes?