Friday, April 22, 2011

Bloggy Blues

I don't know what to blog about. I'm sure I have tons but I've become rather meh lately. I don't know why. I'm content, moseying along. Feeling a tad guilty about my idleness but then I'm not idle, I just undervalue the role of a SAHM, which I shouldn't do, but I do and then there's that guilt. Which I'm not all that invested in so it's not an enduring guilt that motivates me to overachieve anything.

School hols just now, I've had 24 hour company for 2 weeks and I think I'm beginning to shut down and become a plank. It happens. Yet, on review I've done lots of stuff. Not so much with the kids. I took them to the park, to a movie, out to visit other friends. Trying to save money so no OTT extravagances. (Then again $70 for 4 movie tickets a kick in the gut. Good thing I bought cheap candy and bagged it up for each of us before we arrived)

I went to the taping of a popular Aussie comedy game show with my great freind, Jen. We had an awesome time, and after we met more folks for birthday cocktails. It's nice being in a city where they tape TV shows. I'm looking forward to more audience participation places.

On the tram in to the filming, there was a lady knitting on the tram. I admit, I was staring. Jen noticed I was staring and said "You're staring at that lady." The lady didn't mind, I asked her a few questions, talked about crochet, then we parted ways. It stuck in my head, as knitting, I've thus far let beat me. I've a dreadful history with knitting. Last attempt was when Mom was here in June last year. She told me to just stick with crochet. But I was reinspired by this lady on the tram.

I showed Jen how to loom knit, and she's giddy about it. We went yarn shopping with the kids (who were bored and annoying) and while there I bought some knitpro needles with detachable points. Jen just finished her first scarf and wants to go yarn shopping for more. I went trawling for patterns that would be a good way to practice my knit/purl but also be a bit challenging.

I'd recently started crocheting in cables and find it very satisfying. I made a lovely scarf for my friend Miranda. Cable inspired I sought an easy cable knitting pattern and settled on this one I found on ravelry. I like that it's also reversible. It's been a bit of a struggle, but it's coming along. I did have to go on youtube and watch a few knitting tutorials to see where other folks hold their yarn as I was knitting right handed and holding yarn in my left and it was becoming a muddle. I think the year of crocheting has helped me though, because I'm a lot more dapper with sticks and yarn than I was. Maybe I just needed to get my head around one stick before moving on to two.

Here's the scarf so far, it's not perfect, it's full of mistakes but not overly noticeable:

Dawn's Reversible knit cable scarf
Dawn's Reversible cable knit scarf.

I'm not counting the rows properly, and for some reason I keep losing a stitch, then get an extra stitch. Some cables bleed into others and some keep to their own 4 rib set. *shrug*  Do I want non-communing cables or anarchic orgy cables?

I've been cooking, too. With kids home all day that's three squares everyday being cranked out by moi and to be honest, it's annoying. All those extra dishes! Yesterday I was in the mood for banana bread and we walked to the local fruit and veg to see if we could get some cheap bananas. Since the Queensland cyclone Yasi wiped out the banana crop the price is wild at $12 a kilo ($6 a lb). Local lady had a box of browned bananas not on display that were perfect for baking. She sold me 8 for a dollar.

Banana nut bread

These were the best banana nut breads I've ever made. They came out perfect! Here's the recipe. You don't have to add nuts, or soy milk; use whatever milk you want. This is for the 2 loaves.

2 cups whole meal self rising flour
2 cups self rising flour
1 cup brown sugar
1.5 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp cinnamon
6 mashed very ripe bananas
3/4 cup canola oil
2 eggs
2 cups soy milk (more to add to get the right consistency of slightly thick but pourable batter)
130g bag of chopped pecans (You can use walnuts, but I prefer pecans)

Preheat oven to 150C Mix dry ingredients well to remove any sugar lumps, add wet ingredients and mix together until batter is somewhat thick but still pourable. Pour into buttered pans leaving an inch at the top, and put into oven. Now, my oven is awful and once preheated I have to reduce heat to 130C and cook for about 45-50 minutes and check often the middles ares are cooked through with a wooden skewer. You'll know your oven best so think of this as a low and slow cook. Let them have a relaxed cooking time and they'll remain moist and wonderful.  Let cool completely and then slice and enjoy. Of course you can dig in while warm, but they don't slice as easily.

You can use plain flours but remember to add 1.5 tsp of baking powder and maybe a TBS of vinegar before pouring and get it straight into the oven.

I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman recently and it was pretty good. I'd bought it for Husband for some reason about 6 months ago; father's day, birthday, random act of kindness. I keep thinking about it, and it didn't annoy me over much. It was a great escapism story that I didn't find overly predictable. I liked how it was informative but I never got the feeling it wan infodump story. Dan Brown should take note. Husband thought it more predictable, we both enjoyed it though.

Currently reading Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman and Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living- a novel by Carrie Tiffany

It's Autumn and lovely.