Monday, February 07, 2011

My weekend stuff...

We had a rainy, stormy weekend with leftovers from cyclone Yasi so we didn't bother to go out. Quiet weekends spent with the occasional staring at the ceiling as the metal roof is pounded so loud we can't hear each other speak is interesting.

So I did some crochet, I did some baking, fiddled with my camera and read some books. I spent much of yesterday afternoon desperately trying to avoid my kids because the cabin fever was setting in and I was getting that "I need my space!!" feeling.

Here are some pictures of stuff.

Restart of the crochet sweater. Here's the pattern if you're interested. I restarted it because I'd been flummoxed by the decreases which didn't match the picture and then I noticed my left edge was all messy because I'd been finishing in the wrong stitch. See how it's all neat and braided? That's how it should look. I also redid the ribbing because the pattern asked for knit 2 purl 2 but it looked weird, so I did knit 3 purl 2 and it looks more even this way. We'll see what happens once it gets 16 inches and I have to decrease again.

Tunisian crochet

Husband's birthday cake. Cheesecake topped with lemon curd. It was awesome.

Lemon curd cheesecake

Making my own granola bars for lunchboxes. I'm tired of paying a fortune for crappy ones. I still need a good recipe for crunchy ones as these are chewy.

Granola bars

That's about it. Hope your weekend was good. OH! The answer to the cryptic clue?! Did you get it? Did you even try?

Silent film star's scene at Little Bighorn, as delivered by Spooner. (6,6)

What happened at Little Bighorn? Custer was defeated...or Beaten. Spooner that to get the name of the silent film star; Buster Keaton.

Try another one...

Burner of buns and more...(6)

(Part of the answer is in the question)


jomamma said...

Don't you just love crocheting with an afgan stitch? I haven't done it in years but it's what first got me interested in knitting. The cheese cake looks delish.

Anonymous said...

Um, can I have the granola bar recipe? I'll never be able to knit/crochet like that. I'm inept.

Does your quote have anything to do with a Bunsen Burner? It's early here, cut a girl some slack.

Lyvvie said...

I started looking at granola recipe's at Smitten Kichen and then flittered about finding increasingly crisper ones. But this one started everything and is very good. The school ones are nut free.

Bunsen is correct!