Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am bad

Last week Sassyface's reader circle was assigned Wind in The Willows for home reading. She didn't seem very impressed. I can't blame her, it wasn't a favourite of mine either. (And for those of you gasping in horror, allow me to say I never liked Winnie The Pooh, so your contempt of me can me be complete!) She asked me over the weekend what the book was about. I said "Aren't you supposed to read it to find out?" to which she huffed and rolled her eyes. Husband was nearby, said nothing.

Then I said "You'll probably love it. It's all dark and terrible."

"It is?"

"Yup. There's an evil Wombat who wants to take over the river. He's trying to get the Golden Acorn which will give him limitless power and control of the whole world."


"Yeah, it's right up your street. It's like Lord of The Rings, but for kids. Toad and Rat and a few others have to take the Golden Acorn up to the top of Mt. Doom and destroy it, to save the river."

"Wombat." Says Husband.

"Yes, evil Wombat." C'mon, roll with it, I glare.

And that was the end of it. She'll find out I'm full of shit by chapter four.

Today, she yells at me as we're walking home "You! You lied to me!" (I'm hearing this more often as she gets older. Eventually she'll learn to fact check)

"What did I lie about now?" because I lie all the time, although 99% of the time, I'm proven to be right and not a liar. I'm misunderstood, me.

"There is no evil wombat, or golden acorn! Wind and the willows is not a Lord of the Rings for kids!"

"There's not? It isn't?" Trying very hard not to wet myself laughing.

"Mrs. N asked each of us who our favorite characters were in the book. I told her, The Evil Wombat. She said there is no evil wombat in Wind and The Willows. I was embarrassed, but then I told her everything you said, and everyone laughed."

Tonight is parent teacher meetings. I think Mrs. N and I are going to have a fun chat.


jmc said...

I love it! The Evil Wombat!

heartinhand said...

Way to throw her under the bus...I LOVE IT!!! Her teacher will probably high five you! Mind you, it might come up in her tell-all book someday, but so worth it!

This made my day!

Osbasso said...

Wow. Just saw your link on another site. It's been far too long since I've been by here! Figured I'd better stop and say hi!

jomamma said...

You are awesome! What a way to teach her to read her assignment on her own. I was never a fan of Winnie either and have never been a close friend of any adult who still loves Winnie or Eore (is that how you spell his name?)

Brook said...

Yeah, my little one thinks babies are born with butt tags that have their names on them and after the parents read it and make it official it falls off, kind of like an umbilical cord.

Nej said...