Friday, January 14, 2011

Wiped out!

Just back from a few days in Torquay - Victoria's Surf Capital! It rained the whole time, but rain just makes the water wet and since we were going for a first time try at boogie boarding, the rain wasn't an issue. The weather is still quite warm (30C/86F) and really muggy. Another dip in ocean was required to rinse off the sweat.

The kids and I had a great time, staying with friends in their beach house. I brought a couple of inflatable beds and all was good. My friend's husband, Nigel, poor man, the only male in a small house with 7 females ranging from 3-39. There was a lot of junk food eaten (which my guts are still rebelling against) which was required because one burns a lot of calories being beaten to a pulp by ocean waves. At one point I had to tell Shorty she needed to sit on the beach for a while and take a rest. She became obsessed with catching the next big wave. "One more big one, Mummy. I'm not tired!" then she would float and freak me out for a second. She was asleep in minutes once we got back to the house.

At dusk the place if full of Sulfur Crested Cockatoos which are the noisiest parrots. They are screechy and annoying yet fun to watch as they fly straight up and then barrel roll back down to the trees. They genuinely enjoy flying as opposed to just doing it because nature intended them for flight. Also on the outskirts of town the kangaroos come out and feed in the fields. We got to go watch them...for about 10 minutes. They're kind of boring if you can't walk up and touch them.

Apart from a tiny ant infestation (as in the ants were tiny because the fuckers got everywhere and were after the sugar and Doritos) it was a brilliant few days. Also, it was my first time driving on the highway in 11 years. Stressful enough, but it was blinding rain for parts of the 90 minute drive. I did fine. Kind of wished our wee Mazda was a tad heavier as the water runoff would pull the car's steering to the right every so often. I was knackered just from concentrating on the drive. Nearing the city there were cars flashing hazards on both sides of the road and large plastic pallets that must have fallen off a truck. I got lost at one point because I took a turn too early (Must remember 500 meters is not the same as 500 feet) and then got lost in the roads labyrinth and ended up at the shipping docks, which was neat seeing the huge ships but was not a public road so we scarpered quickly. We got home safe though and no one wet their pants, which in the last 5km was a possibility.

My friend gave me a big bag full of lovely wool yarn (1600g in beige and cream!!) from Bendigo Woolen mill (my favourite wool shop) with instructions to make something for myself, not for anyone else. So I'm giving this Chevron Lace cardigan a try. The PDF instructions are confusing and after a few pull-outs I finally got cussy and grumpy and just did it the way I think it should be done (Symmetrical pattern please!) and now it's working. Which in all honesty means I'm not doing this exact cardigan after all. I was doubly confused when her sample swatch was a different pattern than the main garment. *shrug* Also a chain of 47 on 8ply wool made a neckline like a choker and not a collar bone exposing, more comfortable, less strangulating beginning. I chained 67. Even then, and I'm about 25 rows in, I still think it could be more open at the neck. I rarely have occasion for a turtle neck shirt in Australia.

Working on the story. It's chugging along. Uphill. Being annoying. Not as much fun just now. I think I can, I think I can...

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Anonymous said...

As I was reading this, I couldn't help but think how exciting your life has become since you moved the family to Oz! How thrilling to go to the beach and thrash around in the waves.

I'm not just saying that because it's -32C here this morning with a promise of snow. Seriously, since when does it snow when it's that cold? Climate change!

Anyway, can't wait to see what you make with those needles!