Friday, January 07, 2011

This post has no Title. Don't make it feel bad.

Writing is going well. I've not done much the past couple days as we've been out but I have scribbled some notes and ideas in my notebook so I think that counts. I'll get some words down today if it's not too hot. When it's hot (yesterday was 31C/87F) the Mac gets really slow, overheats and crashes. Even with a fan on in the room, it struggles. Poor ole' tech. Hence more notebook than type.

Caught some tummy bug which makes me disgusting to be around - I swear my guts grumbled the Star Spangled Banner last night! So I shall not eat today unless I absolutely feel like eating one of the kids then I'll take that as a sign and have a salad instead.

Shorty may have found the shopping bargain of the decade - which is high talk considering we're one week into this decade - but she found a Littlest Pet Shop VIP pet turtle* for 5¢. That's right! After many double checks on the various scanners around Target, she got her stuffed turtle for a nickle. This little girl is everything LPS. She has over a hundred of the wee figures, a few of the playhouse sets, several of the stuffed animals, colouring books, reading books, DS game you name it. She's annoyed she doesn't have the library book bag and somehow I'm at fault for not knowing one existed and got one for her. But a VIP pet, with virtual playpet on the VIP website so she can also play with her turtle on the computer for a nickle?! Awesome. She was beyond psyched.

I don't mind that she is so one sided in her love for LPS. She plays with them all the time. She is an imagination factory with these things. If she didn't play with them as much as she does I wouldn't invest in them because what's the point? It's what frustrates me about SassyFace because she likes to just have things but doesn't play them much. She has Pokemon, Lego, robots, Star Wars stuff but it's like an old person who collects them, pulls them down to admire and then puts them away again. I get annoyed when she tells me she's bored - Go play with your toys then!! It's tough. She's a Tweenie. Not happy with toys but still wants them, but not ready to be into what the big kids are into (Thank fuck really because I hate Justin Bieber) so she's in this limbo.

My adolescent Limbo was taken up with riding my bike around town, investigating the woods, campfires, books, card games and solitaire.Too many hours watching Gilligan's Island, Three's Company and Scooby Doo. There was the Atari 2600 too and parents who loved anything that gave them quiet. I was a lonely kid too, not a ton of friends I could hang with. Sassy's the same and prefers her own company. I don't feel safe letting her out on her own - she's not canny enough. I restrict her TV and game time. So unless I go out with her, she won't go out. She's had withering hysterics at the thought of playing in the back yard. She plays between the role of Strong and Fearless and Fearful Wee Waif. Geminis!! Who'd have 'em?

When Shorty told me about her toy for a nickle, I  asked her "A nickle?!" and she said "No, 5 cents." and I have to wonder if anywhere else names their other coins like Americans do? The Brits used to with old money but once they went metric it was all cents and pounds. Unless you were a gambler then there was Pony (£25) Ton (£100) Monkey (£500) and Grand (£1000) and many others. Aussies are the same. I must come across strange when I say things like "Nickle and dime it". Is there a special name for the minted dollar coin in America? Or is it boringly called "The dollar coin". I think keeping the tradition of pet names for individual coins is special. Do Canadians use the terms nickle and dime too?

*$95?!?!? Most of her ones (and she has six, her sister 2) cost $15. I feel sad for the moron who pays $95


Maja said...

i always thought nickle was spelt nickel. Now they both look weird.

When i was a kid our primary school was next door and i was playing there all the time, after school. I played with my brother a lot of the time, but we only had a three year age difference. We would play basketball, rollerskate, play hide and seek chasey, cricket... i guess you do need friends to play outside. How is Sassy going to get street smarts if she can't go out without you? conundrum!

Anonymous said...

I also hate Justin Bieber, thank god I don't have to deal with him in this house.

My kids have never said they are bored. Mostly because the first time either of them ever said it I'd say "Clean your room/bathroom/do dishes/take out the trash..." They quickly learned not to use those words in my presence. LOL!

Kay loved Polly Pockets when she was little. Em loved horses. I kind of miss those days.

Lyvvie said...

We've had a couple incidents where strangers are trying to coax kids into their cars in the area so I don't risk it. I think Nickel is the metal on the periodic table (Ni) and a nickle is the coin. A nickle is made of 25% nickel. I have no idea if the spellings were common mistakes that people just gave up and accepted two versions.

We don't get the "I'm bored" rubbish often, and my response is usually to go clean their rooms, too. It happens mostly on Sunday where we ban all tech until after 3pm. Apart from us grown-ups on the computers, but we work and don't play games. They may also work on the computer doing math/spelling drills.

Angel - Having a Nemesis said...

7 months late...but yes. Canadians do use the phrase nickel and dime, which means to make someone pay for every little thing (for example, my lawyer nickel and dimed me for all the phone calls he made).

Unless you are talking about the words for the coins, in which case the answer is still yes. Penny, nickel, dime, quarter (1,5,10,25). Our dollar coin is a loonie, and the two dollar is a toonie (despite a strong push when it was rolled out for it to be called a dubloon). It's also common to call a dollar a buck, although it's pretty informal and you likely wouldn't hear a cashier tell you that you owe "fifty bucks".

The US is the same, but the number of dollar coins in circulation (despite the US Mint's best effort) is so tiny that if you tried to pay with one at a shop, most wouldn't know what to do with it (if they even knew it existed in the first place).