Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remember that episode of Star Trek Next Gen when...

...everyone was getting sick and no one knew what was causing everyone's random ailments? One got a head ache, another a rash, and then some just up and died and there was no common trend and it turned out to be an invisible alien race doing experiments with weird torture devices and probes and things!? I think I have one of those invisible aliens mucking me about. I keep getting a swollen tongue every few weeks and I have no idea why. If it's an allergy, I can't find the common denominator. Then I keep getting a claggy ear that clicks and hurts like hell when I sniffle or blow my nose. I'm tired all the time and then get energy and feel fine at around 10pm. I get incredibly thirst about an hour before bedtime but don't want to drink too much or I'll be peeing all night. I don't think it's anything in particular (Yes my blood sugar is fine) and the symptoms are too random to be any one thing - not that I'm a doctor but it's pretty annoying and I can't stand going to a doctor and sounding like a hypochondriac, then being told it's probably some virus and to wait it out. I'll wait it out and save the cost of the appointment fee. But I needed to bitch about it and now I have and now I'm done.

Going to begin half marathon training.

Watched a show where they did tests on Lycopene and its supposed ability to boost the skin's sun protection and sunburn less. They gave the teat subjects regular old tomato paste and told to take 2tbs per day (in recipes was fine) for a month and be retested for their burnability.  Surprisingly, it worked! So guess what I'm doing. It's not so bad on crackers with a bit of cheese or spread in a sandwich. We'll see if it keeps me from turning into shoe leather in this Aussie sun. There was another bit where large amounts of fresh spinach - or Lutein  helped protect the macula from damaging sun rays. Was very interesting.

On the Sun point - Sunshine, where have you gone? It's been cold, rainy and blah for ages! It's like a very long winter.

Kids were watching The Mask today. I said to Shorty "This movie has some naughty words in it."  she answered "That's ok, I'll be sure to forget them." and for some reason, the conversation reminded me of this video:

Getting things ready for the ThanksCrimbo. The kids are making paper chains, paper snowflakes and stars. I tried to find earth toned construction paper so the kids could make Indian headdresses but the shops have moved on to more seasonally appropriate  colours.  Ah well. They can still do hand draw turkeys, I suppose. I'm also crocheting up some snowflake ornaments that I'll give away to guests.

I bought a bucket today that will serve as a brining bucket for the turkeys. It's going to be fun! I'm going to pre-make pumpkin and sweet potato mush for pies and I keep thinking I need an alternative meat than turkey - but what?! Maybe just a lasagna? Can you believe it's been so long since I've been to a family Thanksgiving that I forget what's served. That's mental right? My childhood memory consists of three important items: turkey, pumpkin pie and black olives. My Mom spoiled us with tinned black olives on TD and then she'd be pissed at me for eating them all. What's your favourite dish at TD?


tornwordo said...

Love black olives. It was the best part of TD when I was a kid, except for the pies of course. Nowadays, it's the stuffing I die for.

jomamma said...

Yeah stuffing, as a kid I was told black olives would make your boobs big.... so I didn't eat them. And now it's too late. Don't forget mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and candied sweet potatoes. Corn of course. And rolls, you have to have rolls.

Anonymous said...

My fave is the cranberries! That's how I know it's the holidays!

Maybe you got a spider living in your ear? (Positive thinking eh?)

jmc said...

I don't remember black olives at Thanksgiving.

Sweet potato casserole is my favorite dish -- but not the too sweet version with marshmallows! My sister always makes a really good black bean and corn salad that's good, too, and brother-in-law's nut tart (pecan, hazelnut, macadamia) is always excellent.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You're doing a half-marathon? God give you strength. I couldn't even WALK 12 miles!

I was always about the turkey on T-Bomb.