Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remember that episode of Star Trek Next Gen when...

...everyone was getting sick and no one knew what was causing everyone's random ailments? One got a head ache, another a rash, and then some just up and died and there was no common trend and it turned out to be an invisible alien race doing experiments with weird torture devices and probes and things!? I think I have one of those invisible aliens mucking me about. I keep getting a swollen tongue every few weeks and I have no idea why. If it's an allergy, I can't find the common denominator. Then I keep getting a claggy ear that clicks and hurts like hell when I sniffle or blow my nose. I'm tired all the time and then get energy and feel fine at around 10pm. I get incredibly thirst about an hour before bedtime but don't want to drink too much or I'll be peeing all night. I don't think it's anything in particular (Yes my blood sugar is fine) and the symptoms are too random to be any one thing - not that I'm a doctor but it's pretty annoying and I can't stand going to a doctor and sounding like a hypochondriac, then being told it's probably some virus and to wait it out. I'll wait it out and save the cost of the appointment fee. But I needed to bitch about it and now I have and now I'm done.

Going to begin half marathon training.

Watched a show where they did tests on Lycopene and its supposed ability to boost the skin's sun protection and sunburn less. They gave the teat subjects regular old tomato paste and told to take 2tbs per day (in recipes was fine) for a month and be retested for their burnability.  Surprisingly, it worked! So guess what I'm doing. It's not so bad on crackers with a bit of cheese or spread in a sandwich. We'll see if it keeps me from turning into shoe leather in this Aussie sun. There was another bit where large amounts of fresh spinach - or Lutein  helped protect the macula from damaging sun rays. Was very interesting.

On the Sun point - Sunshine, where have you gone? It's been cold, rainy and blah for ages! It's like a very long winter.

Kids were watching The Mask today. I said to Shorty "This movie has some naughty words in it."  she answered "That's ok, I'll be sure to forget them." and for some reason, the conversation reminded me of this video:

Getting things ready for the ThanksCrimbo. The kids are making paper chains, paper snowflakes and stars. I tried to find earth toned construction paper so the kids could make Indian headdresses but the shops have moved on to more seasonally appropriate  colours.  Ah well. They can still do hand draw turkeys, I suppose. I'm also crocheting up some snowflake ornaments that I'll give away to guests.

I bought a bucket today that will serve as a brining bucket for the turkeys. It's going to be fun! I'm going to pre-make pumpkin and sweet potato mush for pies and I keep thinking I need an alternative meat than turkey - but what?! Maybe just a lasagna? Can you believe it's been so long since I've been to a family Thanksgiving that I forget what's served. That's mental right? My childhood memory consists of three important items: turkey, pumpkin pie and black olives. My Mom spoiled us with tinned black olives on TD and then she'd be pissed at me for eating them all. What's your favourite dish at TD?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Lament of the Neglected blog...

I don't know why I've been avoiding my blog. Well I kind of do, I find since it's not completely anonymous anymore that it's not as fun. I have to censor myself. But I shouldn't - It's My blog. The point of a blog is it's my place to waffle on about my opinion, especially opinions I wouldn't otherwise share in daily conversation.

How many posts have I done on this same concern? After blogging for more than five years you'd think I'd have gotten over the anxiety of offending someone.

It's late Spring here, and the weather is getting wonderful, except today where it's pouring. We're out of the drought that's plagued the state for over 10 years and water restrictions are being lifted. I'm going to get the kids a paddling pool for the summer - they'll need it! On the very hot days last year I kept the tub filled and let the kids dip in and cool off whenever they needed. In the privacy of the home, neighbours couldn't tsk me for wasting valuable drops. Then again, why don't they tsk the council that tells us our allotted time for watering outdoor plants is 10am on a Wednesday - when the water will scorch the plants and then evaporate? This year, paddling pool and less wet floors and carpet.

We went to Perth last week for Geezer and Maja's wedding which was stunning!  We spent the week there and had an amazing time not just hanging out with some spectacular people, but being part of the wedding was the highlight of our time here. Their friends and family are some of the nicest, funniest and approachable folk I've ever met in my life. Sure I had to explain a few times that I knew the couple from the internet and we'd only met face to face a few months previously. The venue was a winery and it was great, although I was a bit of a dork taking pictures of ducks and swallows that were everywhere. The kids had a blast and I'd never been to a wedding where kids were not only so welcomed but specially catered for. It made the whole affair much cozier.

Sadly I know not how much of the night went after about 10 pm because due to my not paying attention to the ever-filling wineglass I got completely toasted. I even remember thinking at one point - gee I should slow down and drink something else for a bit, but quickly ignored myself. I haven't been that drunk in eons. Of course when one gets that drunk, embarrassing things happen.  Things Husband was a bit embarrassed about. I don't know if others knew...I'll tell now.

 I realized late in the evening that I was going to be sick. I'm sure the end of evening glass of port that was handed to me was the tipping point. The last time I was sick was in January of 95 from food poisoning. I'd gone a long time without chucking my guts. But I became so worried about embarrassing myself by being sick at the wedding, I found I couldn't be sick.

I was then told the midnight bus was coming to bring us back home. I double panicked, still utterly drunk, that I would puke on the bus. I went back to the toilets and grabbed a roll of toilet paper, thinking that if I was sick on the bus I was going to have to clean up my own mess. This was no household toilet roll, it was an industrial sized toilet roll. Which I knew I'd look silly walking out of the bathroom with, so I hiked up my dress and clenched it between my thighs, hoping no one would notice and slow staggered back to my table. Once I thought no one was looking I crammed the huge toilet roll into the gift bag provided for the kids to entertain themselves and...I have no idea. I remember being on the bus and telling myself "Almost home, almost home" half asleep and trying to forget feeling sick. I remember walking back to our cabin at the caravan site, looking at the stars, my wonderful daughter finding Mummy funny as she meandered about, and apologizing to her for being so out of my own control. Once inside the cabin, I was finally able to be sick in private. I remember a fleeting glimpse of Husband wiping down the bowl before I stripped and then passed out.

Husband was mortified about my nicking the toilet paper - What would people think about us taking toilet roll from a fancy winery wedding?! Like trailer park people! (Which, technically, at the time, we were) but I hadn't been able to tell him my stupored* reasoning was I took it in case I was sick on the bus. I was mildly hungover that Sunday and just wanted to forget that part of the night. So annoyed with myself that I missed a lot of fun stuff at the wedding. But if anyone had noticed, they'd been kind enough to not mention it to me. I felt even more abashed the next time we met up with the newlyweds and they kept apologizing to us for not spending more time with us. Sorry guys, and thanks again for an amazing adventure! (Pictures from the trip are here and here)

Now we're home and it's back to the grind. The kids have their last three weeks of school before breaking up for summer vacation. I'm hosting a ThanksCrimbo Day next weekend with turkey, BBQ and pumpkin pies where the kids can make Indian headdresses and turkey hand drawings to stick on the wall, and after food, we'll let them decorate the Xmas tree before heading out to the paddling pool with a popsicle.

I've been absorbed in my Annotated Pride and Prejudice, loving it so much because I knew there must be a lot of things I wasn't getting about this story. The annotated version gives great detail about manners, rules of society and even the rankings of society. Pictures of the different carriages, and explanations of the wealth. I also understand better just how evil Wickham truly was, how clueless Darcy is about how others perceive him and...well it's been great fun. I haven't read The Iron Duke yet, but it's next and I picked up a book in the Borders $5 sale called Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living by Carrie Tiffany which is set in Australia and was nominated for tons of awards.

* Yes, I just made up that word. Also I did put the book titles in italics, I even went and did it withing the code but for some reason it's not working. Forgive me, blame blogger!