Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ninja astral projection sex goes horribly wrong...

For truth. I have no idea what to say about this. It's amusing, disgusting, creepy and then hysterical. I love Japan.

"I find it odd that the only two acts from this ludicrous series I can get away with posting have a Don Ho-inspired theme...In this scene from the third installment of "Female Ninjas: The Magic Chronicles" (1993), hot little kunoichi Osaba and Richard Simmons' intern Sumino break from their dual in a last ditch attempt to ditch their V Cards...having astral projection sex?! Breaking it off before The Big O, Osaba demonstrates how she won a lawsuit against Massengill."

Ninja astral projection sex goes horribly wrong...

Who wrote this script?


heartinhand said...

Um, that was weird! And funny. Especially when she squatted.

sandwicharchitecture said...

HA! so bizarre. fitting that i should find this post here, somehow, because i haven't been to your blog in a while, and japan is on the brain. i just found a comment you left on a japanesepod101 lesson - i was like, "is that THE lyvvie?" it almost felt like bumping into you on the street or something. delightful.

i'm going to japan in less than two weeks, with (get this) my sensei and some other students from my dojo. yes, i'm studying to be a kunoichi. ha! full circle back to this amazing/hilarious/disturbing video. if you ever hear that i can produce magic bubbles from my vajayjay, please kill me.

anyway, hello! hope you are well. i have really been slacking in the bento department. however, i'm hoping the trip will inspire me to start making bento again (for the love of it, and so that i can pay off those credit cards instead of eating out!). i'm taking an intensive japanese for travelers class at present... i'm interested to know whether you found japanesepod101 useful... i might take it with on the plane.


Lyvvie said...

I'm a bento slacker too! Which is why your blog was so great because finding better ways to make a sandwich is important. My kids get the occasional bento, but the whole, I got tired of spending so much energy into the planning and prep and then they didn't finish the lunch.

That came out so cranky!

I hope you have an awesome time! You'll update your adventure and take pictures? I love Japan shots. No acid uterus bubbles, please!

I did subscribe to Japanesepod for a year and I still get the iTunes downloads. Always fun stuff!