Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two in one day! When it rains it pours...Razor Labia!

This is something I've been keeping to myself because I know no one else will agree with me, but this is why I have a blog after all - to share these ideas and thoughts, to get them out there in the ether and set them free from the confines of my brain because sometimes this shit keeps me up at night.

Does anyone else find these things disturbing?

Venus "Embrace" which I find disturbing

That's the Venus "Embrace" lady shaver. When I see this thing I can see full pink labia surrounding 5 razor blades. And this is supposed to be an "Embrace"?? It makes me feel funny inside and not in a good way. I'm sure Venus would agree that the beautiful labia and joyful depths beyond should never revile with the threat of razors.

Wait, I've realised I have this wrong. This subliminally demented product (And this is where I regret having been a Psych. major) is called "Spa Breeze" but still, it freaks me the fuck out and sends me running to Schick. The embrace has blue labia instead so it's more like a dead labia instead.

That's all the crazy for now. I think. We'll see. Now that I've started, who knows.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was going to be a post about a horrible shaving accident! =)

Brook said...

There is a website called "Random penis" I think there should be one called "Random vulva". Have no fear, you are definitely not the only one who sees random sex organs hanging around. =)

jomamma said...

I think it's subliminal that they want women to shave their Whohas. Shaving more than legs and coarser hair will dull the blades sooner causing you to have to buy more razors. Thus the sales go up.

geezer squeezer! said...

i worked out how to get to my blog...
you see a labia in this razor?? men see them everywhere.

Nej said...

I use these things (the purple ones)...and I'll now never look at it the same again. :-) :-)

@ Brook - that's what I thought too!!!

Dani said...

Ha! I can totally see it.

And now I'm just a little disturbed.