Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh hey! I have a blog?

Hello blog, I've been away. So sorry. Very neglectful and mean of me to let you get dusty and motey. I was busy doing other stuff for a bit. I had my brother come over for a visit and then a week after he left, my Mom came and stayed with us for a month! I've been playing the tour guide and having fun and now they're gone and I'm a bit sad and lonely again, so i hope dear blog that you won't be too pissed off at me for dissing you like I did.

As it goes I don't have too much too talk about. Life goes on as it does. Winter is coming to an end, signs of Spring are everywhere. It's still cold and raining too much, but I have a car now and I do get out of the house a lot more. Of course after all the visits and meals out I'm insanely broke. I wonder how long it will be before the family realizes how much smaller their dinner portions have become? It'll do us good. I give the kids extra and Hubs and I less because we have extra padding to shed anyways. We're saving our pennies for a trip to Perth for Maja and Geezer's wedding which we're all excited about.

I had a WTF? moment today;  have a few folks on Facebook who i went to school with, including my old biology teacher. He doesn't update much, but he did put up pictures recently of a ghostwalk and commented on all the orbs he's seen. I'm gutted. Disappointed! A man of science! Orbs! I think the only thing I can do is become a biology teacher. There has to be balance somewhere. It won't be fun either because I don't much like other people's kids, especially once they're teens and I don't like bullshit and backtalk and stupid. But I deflated when I saw his pictures of orbs and thought why hasn't he questioned them? Perhaps he has, he must have! I hope he's just goofing around.

Anyway, pictures!

Mom with parrotMom with ParrotCarson and the GirlsCarson and the GirlsCarson and the Girls in ChinatownCarson and the Girls in ChinatownAnnoying shrieking possumAnnoying shrieking possum next to my house.

Possum was just close and annoying. Have I shared the spider yet? I have a spider that comes to our bathroom window nearly every night. I can tap the glass, open the window and make all kinds of noise but this thing won't move. She hangs out near another spider's web and steals all its food.
Hunstman spider outside the bathroom window. Yup, that's her! She's been around for about a month now. Next time I see her I'll film her. I'm also planning to turn the hairdryer on her to see if the warm window makes her move. I'm not brave enough to go into the alley next to the house and see her from the outside because these spiders jump and I'm not looking for any PTSD. She's about four inches wide at her widest leg span. Husband hates her. She won't move an inch for me, but as soon as he pees before bed she wanders about and it freaks him out. He's extra squicky about spiders. I'm amused by them and respectful of their fangs, he's all for the "Kill them all!!" clan.

Checking out gyms, planning new torment and clubs for the kids, life is as life is. What's up with you?!


Anonymous said...

So by winter, do you mean snow and ice or do you just mean rain? Because shouldn't winter be about snow?
Fall is here now. It's cooler at night and of course, now we're getting all the rain we should have gotten this summer. Meh.
I've missed you, but I haven't complained because I knew you had the company. And the spider. And THAT, my dear, would have left me speechless! *shiver*

jmc said...

Hiya, Lyvvie! Nice pics!

Facebook is one of those things that ends up disillusioning me, because I end up learning things about people I thought I knew, and it just either makes me sad or creeps me out. Had to stop using it.

It's still the dog days of summer here, with a brief spate of nice (mid 80s) weather before the 95+ stuff returns to make back-to-school miserable for everyone. I'm counting the days til my planned visit to the beach :)

tornwordo said...

Yikes on the four inch spider! I am not for killing though.

Nej said...

I would be cursed with nightmares if that thing was hanging outside my window. Ugh! As long as they stay outside my house, we usually get along....but, secretly, I wouldn't mind if they disappeared altogether. :-)

Have you found a gym yet?

A shrieking possum? THAT'S something I need to see video of. (hehe)