Friday, July 02, 2010

Crochet Beret

Crochet Beret

I love a beret. It's one style of hat that works with my round face and head. I followed the tutorial from Teresa and used her written instructions from the website linked on the video. Although she does hers in all half-double crochet, I did mine in Double crochet because it was easier to work the chunky yarn. I only used HDC on the brim. I did this in three hours because I had to pull and restart a couple times but actually it's very easy and straight forward.

I've used Sirdar Super Chunky washable wool and a H/5.00mm hook. I probably should have gone down a hook size, but this suits me fine being a bit extra floppy. It can be more than just a beret.

I'm going to pop out and grab another skein of this if I can still get one from the bargain back room at the yarn shop and make a matching scarf.

Only downside is on the increase rows, there's a noticeable bulging that I hope will disappear after it's washed.

In other news. We got the new car on Wednesday. I had a drive about at an industrial park to try and get used to the feel of the car. Today, I'm going to venture out and get some groceries and get used to being a driver again. I used to be a great driver - I drove a lot. Hundreds of miles a day at one point taking a course. Having kids has made me impossibly anxious - don't fall, don't run, don't eat that, come back  - I'm nervous about everything. Being in a car has become torture because everyone is out to smash into the car. They are! They all want to crush us. That's how the brain works now. Someone coming out of a side street is a threat, not normal. I worry if I'll manage to bring my legs up in enough time to stop the car engine from crushing them during a head on collision. I am quietly batshit crazy. I know this. I don't let the crazy show too much on the outside.

I know it's irrational. It drives Husband crazy because I'm an obnoxious passenger. I never used to be until there was something precious in the car.  Doesn't help that the first day out in the car some dumb bitch tried to drive through us to get into our lane so she could get to the mall. We're in a bright blue car! How could you not see us?! Oh because you're way up there in your stupid Land Cruiser. I hate you and your stupid gas guzzling monstrosity that really just shows you couldn't afford a Land Rover and are compensating. Stop enabling my overanxious mind with your bad driving!

Of course my plan was to go out right after typing this....but it's raining. *sigh* I should buck up and go.