Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm not Anti-Marshmallow

I prefer my cocoa without marshmallows, that doesn't make me anti-marshmallow.
I prefer my curry without tamarind, that doesn't make me anti-tamarind.
I prefer loafers but that doesn't make me anti-boots, anti-sneakers or anti high heels.
I prefer cumulus clouds but that doesn't make me anti-cirrus.
I prefer Saturn but that doesn't make me anti-Mars, anti-Venus, anti-Jupiter, get the picture.
I prefer Emu eggs, but that doesn't make me anti-Ostrich egg.
I prefer Autumn but that doesn't make me anti-Spring.
I prefer porridge but that doesn't make me anti-muffin.
I prefer Rodin but that doesn't make me anti-Buonarroti.
I prefer alone time but that doesn't make me anti-social.
I prefer Ethics but that doesn't make me anti-religion or anti-Jesus.

I'm tired of religious people saying Ethics classes are classes in killing God


heartinhand said...

Well said!

jomamma said...

VERY well said! I'm not anti-Christian or anti-religion... I just don't appreciate someone cramming their religion down my throat.

Brook said...

I like my marshmallows toasted. With chocolate and graham crackers. Preferably while sitting around a crackling fire with a cool breeze swirling the smoke away. Some things are so not simplistic you know?

Lyvvie said...

While in college both my Ethics and Philosophy courses were taught by pastors. One was great, the other was loony-tunes.

These churches, and they're primarily the Anglicans and the Catholics (And to me, Anglicans are just Catholic~Lite), are worried about losing their access to our kids and therefore their opportunity to groom kids to be future church members. They are throwing an almighty shitstorm over this Ethics only course being offered to the kids who've previously opted out of the religion course. They are terrified that more parents will opt out in preference to the Ethics based morality course instead of the scripture. I don't think the schools should be used as religion recruitment centers.

jomamma said...

Amen to that Lyvvie.... and I don't like marshmallows in my cocoa.

Brook said...

I totally agree Lyvvie.

Dingo said...

It really blows my mind that religious people like to point to non-religious people as being unethical or somehow lacking moral fiber, when their own morality stems not from personal conviction or moral compass but fear of god.

Lyvvie said...

I used to think it was a fear of God, but now I think of it as more of a sucking up to God. I can sympathize with someone being afraid of a tyrant but not so much with a sycophant.

jomamma said...

That' right Lyvvie, it's like they are gathering points in their score book. They need to go back a read the Book again, problem is so many haven't even read the Book. They think they can get it by osmosis. They are assuming and you know what happens when you assume.

I was in a conference for Administrative Assistants last winter and the speaker brought up a way to stop office gossip. She said if you address the person who is spreading the gossip and say "You clearly have a lot of concern for this person, would you like to lead us in prayer for them?" It'll shut them up quicker than a smack in the mouth. I thought of all those "Christians" I work with.

trinity67 said...

I whole-heartedly concur - I prefer to be as non-judgmental as possible as I have more than enough shit to deal with, without wasting my time and energy by passing judgement on someone/something else, thanks very much.