Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't ask, Don't get

Sassyface has a school trip up to Canberra soon where she'll be away for four days three nights. She's given us a list of things she thinks she'll need:

The camp list

There are the things of necessity, and then there are the things that make me question her grasp on reality. Like four days worth of curry? Two portions of ketchup? The toys list is amusing too where she states "gogos X all" she really thinks she's going to bring over 200 gogos with her?? Candy X 30 makes me think she's going to share with the class but then again she's 10 so let's be realistic. Why does she need 12 keyrings?! And a dinosaur manual - is she expecting Canberra to be Jurassic Park*?

It's been an interesting insight into the mind of my daughter. However that list is going to be greatly edited. Although I should let her pack all of it and then tell her she has to carry the luggage. She can self edit as a life lesson.

*I refrained from the obvious jokes about politicians being modern day dinosaurs. Almost.


phonakins said...

Canberra trips FTW!

jomamma said...

LOL, that reminds me of when we load all the 5th graders at my school up for a week at a Nature Camp. They show up with suitcases bigger than themselves AND a sleeping bag and pillow. Then when the bus dumps them at the camp they have to drag all that stuff down a dirt/rock road to the cabin. "Ms C can you help me?" to which I say... "Sorry Hon, I have to carry my stuff. I told you to pack light." The best way to pack a weeks worth of stuff is in your bed roll, Cowboy style. I cracked up at the 12 Key rings.... She'll be the Keymaster.

Marg said...

The boy did a Canberra trip and had a fab time. Our teachers recommended that the kids pack their own bags so that they know what is in there cases, just in case clothes start getting mixed up.

Anonymous said...

I like that she wants to bring five pieces of underwear. Call me insane but that's how many pair of panties I would bring on a three night trip too!

Save this for her. Someday she will look at it and laugh hysterically!

Sy said...

That is such a cute list. I immediately honed in on the "curryx4". I thought maybe I was just mis-reading that!

JD will bring three backpacks full of things over to his friend's house when he is just going over there for the day.