Friday, May 07, 2010

Crochet practice.

I definitely prefer to crochet than to knit. I don't know why but it may be that it's got a lot more freedom to it. I can fuck about with the same loop and make all kinds of weird knots and  it's all good. I don't have to stress about dropping a stitch I just pull out what's wrong and do over and it's not left me with a dread of thinking I have to start alllll over again!  I still struggle to hold the yarn properly and I must admit I don't hold it the way many tutorials have shown me to because I can't figure it out, but I seem to have found my own way.

This is leftover green from Sassy's school scarf. I'm just doing rows of single, double and triple crochet on repeat. It's neat enough to impress me. I'm sure any Granny will look at it and think "Aw, bless." but I'm proud enough. sure it's a bit bigger at the beginning for some reason. I think I'll just add a few stitches at the end and tell folk it's a kayak paddle scarf.

Crochet practice
Crochet practice


jomamma said...

Good practice. Holding your yarn is a personal preference. I've seen people with it looped around their necks, you just have to do what feels comfy and helps keep the tension for you, I hold my yarn on the right when I knit and on the left when I crochet. Also, it helps to count your stitches from time to time so you'll not loose or make extra.

Badger said...

I started out with crochet and still far prefer it to knitting, for the exact reasons you mention. Plus, at least for me, it's far less boring and seems to go so much faster. I do love to knit, I'm just ... not good at it. And it doesn't feel natural. Love your kayak paddle scarf!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can crochet are cotton dishcloths. It's just a square, single crochet dealie.

Brook said...

Very nice! Crochet is lots of fun and fast. It's what I learned first and what I go back too when I need a break from the back and forth of knitting. I love the kayak scarf title-excellent save! Oh and yesterdays post. You are not the only one. Weird does not begin to cover the feeling.
Have a great weekend!

Maja said...

The crochet stitch looks pretty cool!