Saturday, April 03, 2010

What's with all the hate, churchmen?

For an organization that proclaims to be about peace, love and understanding, they sure do like to throw the shit around. Yesterday was Good Friday, and it seems the churches got together to make sermons against the rise of atheism. Oh, and everything bad in the world is atheism's fault, too.

More than once I heard religious people on TV saying things like; "I don't care if you're an atheist, but just shut up and stop telling me what to believe!" Excuse me?? Pot calling the kettle black, just a little bit. We're constantly told what we should believe and the buffet of religions available is confusing and quite honestly, full of sneeze. Just last week, there was a two page spread in the paper of some dickhead telling us all that Christianity is the only way for a better Australia! I never stare at folks who carry their palms, or have ash on their foreheads - I don't care!! I do care if your cross bearing Jesus and hymn singing parish block up traffic as you replicate the death walk of your saviour. Did you obtain the correct license for that public march and outdoor megaphoned meeting?? The street wasn't properly cordoned off. Yet Australia news-shows keep saying how Oz is not really a religious country - I beg to differ. Actually, I roll my eyes and make a "Tcha" noise while making masturbatory hand gestures.

One of the big news stories just now is football officials protesting about AFL Football (Footy) competing on Good Friday - they are expected to keep the day holy, but practice sessions are ok. Yet we have Rugby League (Also called Footy which gets really fucking confusing!) matches...I don't get the problem. Good Friday isn't even a day off in the USA, as far as I remember. Everyone thinks America is far more religious. Stores aren't even open here.

Several newspapers had articles by ministers and preachers saying all sorts of...well rubbish really. It's very apparent they've not actually talked to many atheists. It becomes a game of Spot The Canard!

The Australian

The Sydney Morning Herald

The Age

ABC News online

They got together to spread more misinformation and bullshit. My favourite quote was from the Anglican Bishop who said that disbelief was an assault on God. In so much as not believing in fairies is an assault on fairies, or not believing in unicorns is an assault on unicorns. An assault is a physical act upon someone or something - where's the injury in not believing in Santa? Sticks and stones will break bones but words - God can't take even a few words? What a puss. I said on FB "Dear Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen: Saying non belief is an "assault on God" is as sensible as arresting a shadow boxer for GBH."

Stir up the hate, create an "Us *vs* Them" mentality and get the parish to raise their pitchfork in protest. Because that's what forgiving and turning the other cheek is all about. Everyone knows it's easier to forgive if the person isn't there to be a reminder. Terrible atheists with their getting on with life and not paying tithes, or praying, or going to church or...anything.

All this rubbish about Nazi's being atheists is ignorant. Hitler was a Catholic! They were trying to eradicate the Jews - those people who killed Jesus, remember? For fuck sake - why are religious organizations determined to rewrite history? It's like they keep trying to pull the Jedi mind trick "There was no evil here", "The church is a force of good in the world"


I know this was poorly written, and I'm sorry for that. I'm between colds - husband brought the tummy bug, kids brought the coughing one - and fighting the urge to sleep and sniffle and barf all at once. I did take a lot of pictures in Melbs yesterday, if you're interested. I'm going to take command of the TV and maybe watch some P&P.


phonakins said...

I've had trouble explaining my own feelings on it. I justwind up getting angry and being told to stop 'persecuting' christians.

tornwordo said...

They do love to play victim, don't they? Loved the masturbatory gesture imagery, lol.

jomamma said...

Oh no we were on holiday, only because our school district decided to make up the bad weather day at the end of the school year. Some did some didn't. So this Good Friday didn't have that much of a religious feel unless you were standing at the alter of Cha Ching in some department store at the mall. What got me was how many 'worship services' were shown on TV when they are usually showing paid programing. Like people are going to tune into that. "Oh rats I wanted to see that about the wrinkle cream, oh well I'll just be saved instead."

Badger said...

My kids got Friday off from school here in TX, but they were very careful to call it a spring holiday or some such and not actual Good Friday. And it wasn't a bank/postal holiday. I could swear that when we were kids we got the Monday after Easter off from school, which would be much more useful, but apparently Monday isn't holy enough or something?

Anonymous said...

I love your posts. I always save them so I can write more than just a, "Preach it, sista!" but get overwhelmed with all the, "What the hell are you trying to say?" comments that I have to write on student papers.

When Christians start bleating about being persecuted and asking for tolerance my eyes roll so hard I give myself a migraine. It's pathetic how they've fooled themselves.

As for Christianity being the only way for any country to improve themselves, I wonder if that dickhead politician has ever studied history -- religion has been the catalyst for death, mayhem, intolerance, and destruction. Yeah, you can keep Christianity. I don't see where it has benefited anyone other than the ones in charge.

Anonymous said...

I worship at the Church of John Lennon. My God is Rock and Roll.

I think you should move here to Canada. I'm curious how it would compare to Oz.

Liz said...

Hahahaha Jomama.
Always love your take on things.
I'm with you, not too disturbed by the whole Brouhaha either way.
Just secure in my own salvation.

Heartinhand has it right for me, too. :))) Preach it sistah !!!

Mata ne

Maja said...

Hmm, I don't really watch the news or read any papers these days. I read and that's about it. But I really don't get this religious sense in Perth... maybe you should just move here!