Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three things that need to fuck off:

First is morning TV with it's content infomercials. Infomercials are annoying enough, but to try and sneak them in as a segment on morning news/talk TV is disgusting. I hate it when they finish a nice interview or social interest piece with "Let's go over to Sue where she's going to tell us about a new innovation in fat burning!" and there's some fool swinging on a fitness contraption. It's stupid and I hate them and I immediately click over to something else. Fuck off trying to sell me stuff when all I want is background noise while sorting laundry.

Second is The Coconut Water Diet. Fuck off. It has diet in the title I'm not interested. It's going to be the same as the cabbage soup diet, the acai berry diet, the hot maple/lemon/chili water diet. Why even bother it's Stoooopid! Since the first one I heard about at 6 which was the Sweet-n-low yogurt diet, to this inanity they are all scams, lies and will lead to disappointment and self loathing. So don't bother. I'd imagine if it was a true miracle weight loss secret, scientists would be telling me about it and not dumb women's magazines. Yes I said dumb women's magazines because the content of most of those rags is dumb. I'm not a fan.

Third is Bamercise. I don't even care if it's a joke. It's annoying enough to have that asshole shouting "BAM!" at me in his commercials but to add this tripe is demeaning. Oh you won't be burning enough calories you fat housewives with our new super formula cleaner so here's a workout you can add into your day. Fuck off.

No really, fuck off, please.


jomamma said...

I wish I'd gone with my first instinct to not watch that.

Anonymous said...

I'm skipping the video because quite frankly, I don't need another think to be annoyed with this morning.

I'm with you though, why is everyone trying to sell me something?!

Maja said...

I think it's time to turn off the tv, lyvvie!

Masquerade said...

Since I'm waaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to look through all your posts, where are you living now?

Lyvvie said...

Bam! And the twats are gone! If only.

It's my money and they can't have it. It's like organized begging.

I know but I like the noise while I try and figure out this knitting. Knitting in silence is depressing, and there aren't enough radio station in FreeView yet. The two stations we do have are usually in Chinese. (SBS)

I'm in Melbourne, Australia now!

jomamma said...

Are you using straight needles or circular?

Lyvvie said...

Straight, as they were the only ones at the charity shop. I sometimes get a bit sad if I think that I'm using a dead woman's needles, so I prefer to think she started out like me but thought it was shit and gave up.

jomamma said...

It's a lot easier if you get some circular, watch youtube to see how they are used. The reason you found them in a shop was because they are a pain to knit with and more likely used to stab someone with. They're a pain. Get some circular and visit a yarn shop where someone can give you some one on one help.