Thursday, April 08, 2010

My first Troll.

My first CRE video is being commented on by a possible Troll. I've never had a Troll before. I'll soon stop feeding the troll, but the good thing about them is how they have so much rubbish fall out of their mouths. Or fingers as the case may be. Here's the exchange if you're interested:

  • mikekazik1 Block User Why do you make such a big deal out of it? What's the harm in having some moral values in school? 10 hours ago
  • lyvvie (uploader) @mikekazik1 I have absolutely no problem with morals, values and ethics being taught to kids. None whatsoever. I have a problem with people telling me and my kids the only way to get that information if from the bible and religion, which is just not true. I'd be happy if the school had a secular EM&V course available. But to tell kids of many religions that the only way to be good is the christian way is disgusting. 5 hours ago
  • mikekazik1 Block User @lyvvie Look, most people don't have a problem with that stuff. Only militant atheists like you make a sensation out of the smallest things. Don't you have anything better to do with your life? There are people who have real problems in this world. It's always laugh when I see someone go on youtube to complain about some trifling matter. 4 hours ago
  • lyvvie (uploader) @mikekazik1 LOL, you call me militant when you're only upload on YouTube is the affectionate touch of your friend's gun? I don't have a gun. I'm not in a militia, I am not militant. I fight for secularism with debate and information. You're mistaken that "Most people don't have a problem with that stuff" because most people aren't aware that a problem exists. 4 hours ago
  • mikekazik1 Block User @lyvvie That's actually my gun. My friends were the ones who posted the video. In the video, I simply talked about the rifle. I didn't complain about things like you did

    Language can be literal and figurative. "Militant atheist" is a figurative term for people like you. You might not like it, but that's the term that was coined by the majority to describe people like you.

    Most people don't mind having a short religion class in school. That's why they haven't complained
    3 hours ago
  • lyvvie (uploader) @mikekazik1 I love that you say "The Majority" a lot. It must be comforting to be in the majority. The majority once thought slavery was acceptable. The majority once denied women the right to vote. The majority used to deny jobs for anyone from Ireland. There wouldn't even be an America if people didn't complain against "The majority". Until a few people complain, the majority gets away with an awful lot, doesn't it? Majority does not make it right. 2 hours ago
  • mikekazik1 Block User @lyvvie Tell me this. How was your kid harmed? The examples that you listed involved people being harmed. However, the kids that go to the school you are complaining about aren't being harmed. How does a little bit of bible study once a week harm them? Even if they don't believe in it, it's still just an easy couple of minutes where they can sit down and relax for a while. Seriously, there are people in this world who have real problems. Can't you find something better to complain about? 33 minutes ago
  • lyvvie (uploader) @mikekazik1 It's an hour long class. Why should the government be telling schools they must provide religious instruction? Why does the government have the right to impose religious beliefs on 5-18 year olds, and still claim to be a secular country? I think that's worth complaining about. I prefer to make choices for myself, and I'll encourage my kids to make their own decisions when they have all the information available to them. 6 seconds ago
  • mikekazik1 Block User @lyvvie You simply sought to justify your point of view by saying that people are unaware. People are aware. They just don't mind having a short religion class. You aren't acknowledging this because this would force you to come to terms with the fact that militant atheists like you aren't that common. 3 hours ago
  • lyvvie (uploader) @mikekazik1 From talking to other parents, and by comments I've received from people who actually live in my area of Australia - they are not aware. The fact it is so difficult to get information on the curriculum from the organization that created it is unacceptable. I also agree that "militant atheists" like me are uncommon. In fact they are virtually non existent. Most atheists are pacifists. Militant atheist is an oxymoron. 2 hours ago
  • mikekazik1 Block User @lyvvie How is a person not aware? Is it that hard to ask your kid what classes they have? A militant atheist is a coined term for an atheist who gets into other people's faces about removing religion from all aspects of society. You would certainly fall into that category since you went after the school for this kind of nonsense. Don't you have better things to do? Seriously, what's up with your husband?  If I was married and my wife sat around making youtube videos, I'd be pretty pissed. 39 minutes ago
  • lyvvie (uploader) @mikekazik1 I felt the same way as you: How could parents not know? I'm going to assume you don't have kids, because I'll tell you that kids are unreliable about providing answers about "How was your day" "What did you learn, today?" where the common answer is "Fine" and "I don't remember" I have the full support of my husband and a growing support base of both religious and non religious people. What are you doing to better society? Or is clock tower practice about all you're aiming for? 26 minutes ago

This is his video that I make comments about (The one on his page that he says his friends uploaded and not him)

Sick or what? Let's pretend to shoot a kid just off the school bus. And a random person driving by. And let's find some pagans. And let's laugh about it, har har har.


Suisan said...

Wow, Lyvvie. I'm not sure what's worse: the syllabus or the troll.

Hang in there, momma. You're doing a great job. The CRE sounds really wackadoodle.

Liz said...

"because most people aren't aware that a problem exists"
I think the majority are very aware, we just don't think of it as a "Problem", certainly not of the magnitude of the problems that the school system is dealing with since the elimination of any kind of teaching of MVE in the system.
Kids are totally OUT OF CONTROL nowdays, I would NOT want to be a teacher.
What is your solution, come up with something better THAT WORKS, and don't just diss the system that DID work for so many years, till Ms O'Hair raised heck and got it eliminated.

Lyvvie said...

Are you saying the 50s system was better and kids didn't misbehave and act out and disrespect authority because they got religion taught to them every day in school? Because that's looking at the past with rose coloured glasses. Religion is not the ultimate in morality. I keep having to say this and folks just don't seem to grasp it. A belief in God does not guarantee goodness. I've also stated that I agreed a MVE class would be welcomed - if it did not include religion as it's base.

You can't believe that because I'm an atheist I must be running around murdering people, beating up old ladies for their pension books or kicking kittens and throwing rocks at bird's nests - right?

Because nontheists do not want to be murdered, robbed, raped, or otherwise injured, they support laws prohibiting those types of harmful acts.

By the same token, their desire to be treated fairly, honestly, and respectfully leads them to advocate laws and rules of conduct that promote fair, honest, and respectful treatment of people.

I also believe if there were no more stigma surrounding birth control and abortion there would be fewer out of control kids being raised by parents who have no clue or place being a parent.

Ms O'hair was completely justified. I find it sickening how many religious people make light of her death by saying it was God's revenge, including her own son.

jomamma said...

Good on you Lyvvie, this jerk doesn't know who he's tangling with. I believe people now days think they have moral values just because they went to Sunday School when they were a kid. Fewer people attend church services (any kind of religious service) now days than they did back in the 50's yet people say they believe in God. Kids now days just follow along with what their parents say, and that's where the morals have gone too. So few people have morals, especially like the morals people had back in Andy Griffith Moral days.

So I'm a fence sitter, I believe there could be a higher power but I have no idea who she is? And what if there isn't a higher power, no big deal. I was raised Methodist, but I started questioning the whole story line behind the Bible when I reached adulthood. And when people in the church started trying to get me to JOIN and be different than the Baptist or Catholic down the street. I thought we were all equal and now you're telling me we're not because we go to this church?

I work in public education and I don't think there is a place for religion there. I would not want my child's school forcing a religion class on them unless they were going to compare apples to oranges and cover not just Christianity but also Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hindu. And then we can break off into all the cults under the Christian canopy and discover how bizarre they are. People have no clue, and I think that's where this all started. The fact that you were just a little curious and started asking questions. And nothing gets me more curious than for someone to deny me the information I asked for or to try to put a ring through my nose and pull me in.

Something is stinky about this whole thing and I'm sure you are not the only parent that will find it interesting, you are just the bravest one around right now. Just keep asking questions and talking about it.

jomamma said...

And congratulations on the Troll. We'll help you throw him back under the bridge.

Victoria said...

What an idiot. You told him! Though, he might have given up when it became clear he was not nearly as well informed (let alone as good with words). You know, right away!

Liz said...

WOW !!!!! The extent to which you can twist my words NEVER ceases to amaze me!!! :)))
I NEVER got taught religion in any of my public schools, we went to church for that. However, we WERE taught MVE as a matter ofcourse.
Love thy neighbor......
Do unto others.........
Respect parents and authority.....
Thou shalt not kill, steal, cheat ......
Etc etc etc.

All tenents which are derived from, take your pick, the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc etc etc, any of the ancient religious tomes of any advanced civilization on earth.

"I've also stated that I agreed a MVE class would be welcomed - if it did not include religion as it's base"
How in the heck can a MVE course NOT include religion as it's base, when everything taught can be specifically referenced back to said religious tomes? (probably by a bunch of rabble rousing atheists.) :))))

And how the heck did you EVER come to this conclusion by ANYTHING I have ever said
"You can't believe that because I'm an atheist I must be running around murdering people, beating up old ladies for their pension books or kicking kittens and throwing rocks at bird's nests"

Truly boggles the mind !!!
Mata ne

tornwordo said...

God those Christians are meek. Snort.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. Really. Do you still make Bentos? =) <3 You!

Total Geek said...

I'd just like to say to Liz, have you ever read the Humanist Manifesto?

And the fact that a troll has cropped up in your blog suggests that you are on the right track, Lyvvie. There are two kinds of dangerous theists; the wacko's (like the troll) and the moderates. The wackos are less in number, but more radical. The moderates are less radical, but they generally allow the radicals to get their way and to set the direction of radicals.

Maja said...

I agree that morals, ethics and values can be taught without the bible, but the bible stories are a handy reference I guess.

I do believe that there are no gods of any kind, and organised religion is simply a way of brainwashing the masses into believing the stories are true. I don't care if other people believe in god, but everyone should be able to state their point of view without being hounded.

After all, it's all about belief, isn't it? You can't change someone's beliefs, only they can.