Friday, April 30, 2010

My first knitting samples.

It took me two weeks and several restarts to get this knitted scarf done for shorty. I found I suddenly forget what I was doing and have to rethink the actions in a 1,2,3 routine because just like when you say the same word over and over it begins to lose its meaning - I find in knitting the actions begin to dissolve and need reinforced.  Here is Shorty's all knit scarf with pompoms:
Knit scarf

The ends look ragged and messy, there are a few sections where I must have added stitches as it's not uniform.  Shorty loves it and it'll keep her warm which is all its needing to do. I'm trying to get a hat done to match but find the instructions confusing.

Then I came across a youtube page where someone was knitting on a loom*. A circular plastic peg thing that you wrap the yarns around and then pick the loops over each other. It looked so easy! The video was by a 14 year old. So I sought one out, ordered and when they arrived (they came in four different sizes) I gave one a try. Two days later, I have a scarf and a hat finished with a much nicer  result:

Knit scarf and hat (school colours)

Two days. One and a half if I'm being literal as the hat was done in an evening. It's great for these kinds of projects and I can do knit squares for blankets. It's not too practical for sweaters but there are folks who have tried and I'm interested in seeing their successes. Perhaps this makes me something of a knitting cheater, but I must admit; if there's a technical doohickey involved in the process, I'm going to try it. I can knit and purl on the loom, but the simplest way to use it makes a stockinette stitch. I'm actually more inspired by crocheting than knitting, even though the thing I dislike about knitting is all the counting and yet crocheting is all counting. For some reason it seems quicker with results and for my short attention span, waiting around to find out if I've fucked something up versus seeing it straight away wins.

End result, both kids are very happy with their new scarves. They are also very keen to start playing with the knitting looms. I made the girls a couple of knitted bracelets, collars for their stuffed animals and they want little blankets as well so their most beloved pets won't get cold this winter. Shorty has found going to the yarn store a delight and she needs reigned in from overfilling my basket with dozens of different balls of yarn.

It's an interesting distraction. Interesting adventure. I still think it's a bit old ladyish and my prejudices haven't waned, but I'm keen to keep trying.

*I've come to LOVE mickeysmail's videos. He's so good at explaining how to do all thiese knitting, crocheting and looming projects.

Loom knitting blog
The loom room


northern musings said...

You need to check out Olgas site - she is Maja's cousin and has discovered a love of knitting a crocheting - she's on Maja's blog roll. worth a look for inspiration... from someone who is definitely not an old lady in a rocking chair. Loved the scarves and admire anyone who takes the time to do something that can change a ball of yarn into something wearable! Good luck with it!

phonakins said...

You can hit a wallabies game in that scarf!

Anonymous said...

I have the Nifty Knitter too! I haven't tried it yet though, my kids wanted it, so I got it for them and then neither of them finished their project. I have to find the instructions and get nifty knitting too. It would be a great thing to do by the campfire when I'm camping this summer!

I also found, when learning, buy knobby, bulky yarn. It hides the flaws!

jomamma said...

Those look great! Shorty's looks good for a first timer. I got some of the looms for Jolea to use when she was here. She liked them because they were fast. Personally, I think they are torture compared to knitting on needles. I don't care for their limited use. But then again, I'm far from a beginner and I've done everything from lace to bulky, garter stitch to Fair Isle, Sweaters to socks and back. Check the knitters on my blog roll... they are not your typical Granny in a rocking chair.

Maja said...

Oooh, this is the first time I've seen the photos! Work internet blocks them. Love shorty's scarf! So cool.

Seriously, Sassy looks like she's about 18 in that photo! She has grown up so much.

Overboard said...

I can't get over how big Shorty is now and how grown-up Emily looks. When I first started reading your blog, Shorty was a baby.

Lyvvie said...

She turns six tomorrow. Time is getting away from us all. She's so excited, though. She tells us every morning how may days left.