Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mean Mother Strikes Again

I've been presented with a birthday wish-list from my eldest, Sassyface. It was left on my bureau. I was a bit confused at first, because I thought it had come from her little sister, who's five. But no, this appalling scribble is from an almost 11 year old.

Birthday list?

Are you kidding me?! How can she not know that begging letters must use the best penmanship to be taken seriously?! It gets worse...

I'm sensing a theme

I don't think I'm being too cruel by being disappointed with this effort. Especially since I know she can do much better. I'm not even bothered about the spelling errors so much as the actual, terrible, no she does not have dyslexia as an excuse, lazy-ass handwriting. Here, see:

Better effort!

That was from last year. Sure it's on lined paper, but so what? Even if she'd tried to put even an ounce of effort into trying to make her writing nice I'd have been happy. But this? Nope.

Now, honestly, I've not been this cutting and mean to her directly - I'm not heartless! But I tell her I was disappointed because I know she can do much, much better. I felt we, as her parents, deserved her best efforts.

But seriously, WTF?! OH - and where does she get off telling us we can pick five?? Cheeky or what? I'm tempted to buy her frilly pink dresses.

The rest of the Professor Messy story is here, if you were interested.


jomamma said...

Poor penmanship gets to me too. "Mommy Monster" is what I was referred as. I was also told not to sweat the penmanship, it's the computer age and the chances they will ever have to write anything out by hand are getting slimmer everyday. My comment would always be "did you write this with your foot?"

Marg said...

My boy's writing isn't all that good either. And his wishlist would look somewhat similar to this!

I can imagine how terrified she would be if you did buy her frilly pink dresses!

Anonymous said...

I would get her five things but they wouldn't be from her list! I'm nasty! LOL!

Liz said...

I agree, put some effort into it esp. if you are courting favors.
Her penmenship on the story is beautiful, so you know darn good and well she can do it !!!
I esp like the way she makes her f's. Very classic, I might have to adopt that style.
And I don't buy the excuse re: "computer age" has anything to do with it. Anyone can learn to write legibly. And nicely.
Mata ne

jomamma said...

I agree Liz, I've even been known to tell my kids, "you may have to write a note someday that could save your life. Won't do any good if no one can read it."

Nej said...

I want wanted a radio with tape player. I cut out a picture and taped it on a glass in the kitchen cupboard.

My dad actually got it for me, because I'd never specifically asked for anything like before.

I still have it, in fact, it's sitting on my desk here at work. :-)

P.S. I was surprised to see Pokemon is still around. :-)

Lyvvie said...

Maybe it's because I watched a lot of old movies as a kid, but when someone wrote like she does it was a sign of poor education, poverty and ignorance. I think of those scenes in To Kill A Mockingbird so writing is very important to me. Not that my handwriting is spectacular, but folks tell me it's ok.

Marg - She'd be gutted if I bought her dresses. It's the ultimate threat, "Behave or it's dresses for your birthday!" It would work for yours too, I'm sure! Mr. lean knees in a kilt?

HiH - What we say is to make a list of 4-5 big items they really really want, and we'll choose 1-2 of them and a few smaller items. So this is breaking the rules, and I might just take your suggestion. We'll see how she reacts when I tell her she has to redo the letter.

Liz - The Fs are very old fashioned ans she's had to relearn them here as it's an Australian F. Several letters, and the mixing of cursive and block letters is also what's taught here.

Nej - I was the opposite. I asked for everything! By the time I was 10 I wanted mostly clothes and roller skates. At 12 I also wanted the boom box and some cassettes....and striped jeans. After that it was a constant need to keep up with the rich kids - yes I went to a primary school where the 8yo kids wore Levis and Jordache jeans, Barracuda and Members Only jackets. I got picked on for every stitch I wore. I was insanely paranoid about either fitting in, which was impossible because my family wasn't going to buy an 8yo who played in dirt Jordache jeans, and being invisible which no entitled shithead kid will ever let you be if you wear Toughskins.

Pokemon movie 13 is out soon. This stuff is bigger than ever. With the big Asian influence here, Pokemon is big business.

Marg said...

I just have to tease him about having a girlfriend to torment him!