Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can do the Bullet Post:

  • maybe
  • Going out for coffee with a fellow parent who's displeased with CRE - will be nice to not be the lonely voice for a change.
  • Knitting still. Have a scarf half done and no drop stitches yet, but I've managed to fix any I do right away. I should not be this anxious about dropping a stitch.
  • I ordered knitting looms for the kids so the won't lose an eye with needles and will stop nagging me with "Will you teach me?" because I haven't mastered this yet, how am I supposed to teach you?
  • Online lessons with mikeyssmail have been great! I'm kind of excited to try crocheting as it's a bit more exciting.
  • I've started writing. I got an idea while watching All My Children - I was watching because there's a sexy transsexual and I was a bit confused and amused, "Of course he can love you and your child that you won back from your ex who kidnapped him at birth" and was crazy shit!! My idea was not as entrenched.
  • I don't watch soap operas. It just happened to come on after the show I was watching, Street Café which has been in Japan this week and is brilliant.
  • We get All My Children, Days of Our Lives and Bold and The Beautiful but no General Hospital. I only ever liked GH.
  • Not true, there was a cheesy California soap that we got in Scotland but the show was canceled after 5 years. Don't remember what it was called but I remember the whole series had ended up being someone's dream. Cheese!!!
  • Remembered a book I'd read in early 90's called Butterfly and searched to find out its sequel was out a couple years ago. I may look them both up.
  • I thought about it because I was thinking about Temperance Brennan in Bones and how she's so practical about sex and I wondered if she'd ever use a professional escort for her sexual needs and I think she would but then she'd probably not need to - she could just have anyone so why pay? I think she'd at least approve of the service. Which is why I thought of Butterfly as it's about a high end sexual fantasy come true kind of brothel for women. You just don't hear/read about women using male escorts - then again I'm not as voracious a reader as most people I know. You tell me...
  • Would it be too weird for a Heroine to have previously used escorts?
  • My kids keep fighting. Or really Sassy says something mildly mean and shorty goes for the full histrionics and wounded soul. She's an amazing actress, even I'm fooled sometimes.
  • I bought a few books at the charity shop of some romance writers I've wanted to try but could never decide which one, like Stephanie Laurens. I also noticed four books by Cassie Edwards which I passed up. I'm not interested in American Indian stuff. Or plagiarized stuff. Although I think the vehemence that SBTB went after Cassie last year was a bit OTT, then again plagiarism is a shitty shitty thing to do.
  • Craved a grilled cheese sandwich today but didn't have any bread, so baked bread but then it was close to dinner time so made dinner and will have the GCS for tomorrow but what if my craving expires? Sigh.
  • Feeling a bit feckless and insular lately. Then again I invited a neighbor over for drinks. I've never invited someone over drinks - I have no idea what got into me?! She seemed really keen, though so I'll have to buy a red and white and see how it goes.
  • I've got Sassy one of those latch hook rug projects for her birthday. I used to love them as a kid so maybe she will, too. It's a red-eyed tree frog one.
  • Got to go...XOXO


Anonymous said...

Was the soap called "Santa Barbara?" Or "Loving?" I used to watch all the soaps when my oldest was a baby. Then I switched to Court TV. LOL!

The few times my kids have fought, I made them stand nose to nose and then told them to stare deeply into each others' eyes and then I'd say "If your dad and I die, this is the last person in the world who loves you completely. Do you really want to be nasty to each other?!" Usually one of them would melt. My parenting style is slightly demented.

jomamma said...

So proud of you for keeping up with the knitting. Crochet is a little faster and easier on the brain, but it's hard to make crocheted sweaters fit like knitted. Just keep either one up, it's good for your over active brain.

I agree with heart, I used to turn off all TVs, radios, etc. Have the kids sit on the couch side by side and sometimes even link arms if they were really getting after it. They could talk quietly when they were ready or they could read out loud to each other. I think this is why to this day they both love reading and Jolea is more vocal than Jeff. Either way, they are the dearest of friends. But... they are male and female. Could be different with girls.

Brook said...

-I like bullet posts
-I am happy to hear you are keeping at the knitting
-one summer we kids watched soaps like it was religion
-I prefer a bit of practicality thrown in with my sex
-Good on you for reaching out to a neighbor, I still haven't gotten that far with all the new people here
-Have a wonderful grilled cheese!

Nej said...

I love the bullet posts. It's fun to see someone else's brain working like mine. I'm not alone, yeah!

Loved the latch hook rugs when I was a kid. My great grandmother used to do them, and I got hooked. Haven't done one since junior high I bet. :-)

Maja said...

Have you been watching gossip girl?

I love Bones, it's my favourite current show, makes me feel happy to watch it.