Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Boggles the Mind

Not that we're trying to cram religion down your throats or anything. In the middle of a walkway between two malls. On Easter. You know. Just spreading the word. We're not even preaching! It's what we're supposed to do.

Please don't feel obliged to watch the whole thing. The last minute is enough. That video was from last year's display. This year, parents phoned and complained to police that the moaning Jesus was upsetting children, and the police responded and closed Jesus down. Thing is, the church couldn't do this demonstration on Good Friday because the whole city shuts down and there would be no shoppers to see Jesus being crucified. What they should have is a big rock that slides back and forth and Jesus pops out and shouts "Ta-Dah!!" and then he rises up via crane over Myers. But where's the shock factor in that?

The newspapers ran this, of course, and some of the comments by the pastor are upsetting. For one she claimed this was a "Silent display" but from watching the video it's obvious it was not a silent display. Today the paper reports that the police apologized for shutting down the display - Why?! Why would the police have to apologize for doing their job?

Even better, they accuse the police of being kinder to gays:

Senior Rev Rory Lennon has attacked the double standards of police who participate in demonstrations supporting gays and lesbians, including Melbourne's Pride March, and did nothing last month to stop World Naked Bike Ride participants' "lewd" behaviour. "The gay mardi gras or parades and things like that, the (police) commissioners walk in those and there were complaints there, but nothing was done," he said.

Well Christians in a predominately christian area doing religious displays aren't as likely to get assaulted, glassed or knifed. As much as they like to think they are still being persecuted, just like Jesus, they really aren't. Not like homosexuals, or even naked bike riders. Although why anyone would want to ride a bike naked, I don't know. The chaffing! But I don't find the human body offensive and I don't care if my kids see naked bodies. Dying, bleeding, agonized suffering - yes I mind that. Happy naked people, not so much.

It's another crazy day Down Under.

Geelong Easter Demonstration

Rock and a hard place, there. Scary giant rabbit or the bleeding Jesus. Run kid, RUN!!


jomamma said...

I think I'll stick with watching Erykah Badu traipse through the streets of Dallas striping down to nothing.

Lyvvie said...

Sorry Chinese person, although your comment warning me about cars not being the only things recalled by their makers was amusing, I don't allow spam on my blog. You're welcome to recomment, minus the porn links.

Lyvvie said...

Jomamma - My inner feminist is screaming a little - vulnerable women (naked on the street - people have nightmares about that!) and glorifying murder aren't cool. Besides, Lisa Stansfield did it first.

jomamma said...

They said she did it for a soon to be released video, but all the news footage only showed her walking and stripping, no music so it was hard to tell what the video was about other than her being naked and laying in the spot where JFK was shot. All in the name of art.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyvvie,

Surprised that you haven't received your retaliatory blog comment yet from Reverend Rory Lennon, senior minister of the Heaven on Earth church.

After a tongue in cheek post on my blog a few days ago, I got mine yesterday. You'll know it when it shows up and likens your ignorance and cruelty to Hitler, and makes special mention of your "narcissistic self-absorption".

Personally, I liked that phrase so much I've already added it to my 'About' page :)

Let me know if/when it shows up, so we can start forming some kind of club,

The Button Pushing Monkey

Lyvvie said...

No Monkey, I've not been blessed with his presence. I may not be important enough. I'll certainly keep the good china out, just in case.

Lucky you - I liked your post and response!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lyvvie... in a strange way I feel kinda blessed.

So perhaps it could be argued that Reverend Lennon IS doing his job after all!