Friday, March 26, 2010

Perfectly quiet morning ruined...

I had planned for this morning to be a nice quiet one at the café with coffee, poached eggs and the crossword puzzles. It's the last one I'll have to myself for the next two weeks as the kids are on school break from this afternoon.

Page three of the Herald Sun, (which I don't normally read as I prefer The Age but they were all gone and the Herald has the jumble puzzle), has a picture of a guy holding a bible in front of a waterfall, smiling with the headline "Ablett warns of drug, booze crisis" I read the snippet and being unimpressed, I wrote the word "TWAT!!" across his forehead and turned the page.

He so is.

Page 40-41 I'm assaulted again by Mr Ablett, who's been given a two page spread to tell us how he thinks becoming more christian and forgetting all this science stuff will bring Australia back the being the once great nation it once was. Stupidly, I began to read the article. After the first column I pulled out my highlighter and began marking passages. Then I began arguing aloud to the pages while highlighting.


Here's some of his advice for modern Australians:

I believe without a doubt that our nation is in crisis and is in its current predicament because we have deliberately disconnected ourselves from our Christian heritage and history. We are a nation that was originally founded upon the word of God and established on the authority of biblical truth. Our political system, our judicial system and most of our schools and hospitals were begun by godly men and women who based their lives and work on godly principles.

Sound familiar? It's the same tripe the evangelists in America say. What's prompted him to speak out suddenly? Let's guess...

One of the things that triggered my response was that I became aware that there was an atheist convention in Melbourne last week. Richard Dawkins, a renowned atheist, gave a message entitled, "From goo to you through the zoo". Now it is bad enough misleading us by telling us we descended from convicts but to tell us we descended from "apes" - come on!

Looks like someone doesn't like ideas that don't gel with his own. But is he denying that Australia was originally a collection of penal colonies? That's a new kind of denialism. Maybe he isn't descended (har har) but he could use a history book. And, as he goes on to prove, he needs a few science books, too.

The fact is that fossil records do not support Darwin's theory. Experts have come to realise that the gaps in the fossil records and the absence of precursor and intermediate forms are such that they can no longer be ignored or his theory be taken seriously. I submit to you that the theory of evolution is not only lacking in facts, but has absolutely no foundation whatsoever. If it was only ever a theory, how did it find its way into our classrooms and society as fact?

Same argument the creationists use over and over and it's been debunked and won over a zillion times. Yet they continue to spout the same tripe. (In fact, I'm going to wager that this and it's following paragraphs were plagiarized). You can't fill the gaps with "God did it!" I'll spare you his babbling on about peanut butter jars because he also has no knowledge of the sterilization processes. He probably thinks a shirt placed in a box of wheat makes mice, too.

To attempt to derive the morning's news from the chemistry of the paper alone without the input of information is absurd. Even in a simple newspaper we can appreciate "Intelligent Design". It is the same as a genetic code imprinted according to the laws of information and language on to matter.

Please, just stop already.

...people like Richard Dawkins will try and tell us that we humans as well as the entire universe, which are immeasurably more complex than any passenger jet could ever be, all happened by chance. It's like having an explosion of ink in a printing room and coming up with the English Dictionary. It's a fallacy. Every cell in the universe came from another cell, you never see a new cell come into existence on its own. Organisms do not spontaneously arise in nature from non-life.
No instead a magic man in the sky just wished it all into existence one week. *poof*

What I find frustrating is the section of religious folk who piss all over science because the silly fools dare to seek answers when really all they have to do is read the bible to know God did It. They disparage the facts that have been found to disprove many of their myths, use the "rebellious teenager" arguments and just make themselves look pitiable. Worse, they give the more open-minded Christians a bad name because they all get lumped in together, which really winds them up.

the last straw...

Unfortunately, Western civilization has embraced the "lie" of evolution as fact, and we have been completely blinded to the profound effect and impact it is having upon our society and nation. We tell ourselves and our children that it was all just an accident and we are nothing more than "cosmic orphans", with no real purpose, value or destiny, completely without hope for a great future and then wonder why our country is "self-destructing" and our society's attitude has become "Let's eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die". And, if life gets too hard or painful let's just end it. And that's just the beginning. No wonder our society if out of control, the consequences are horrendous.

Ok, now it's not funny - now you've pissed me off. I've never told my kids they are an accident or "Cosmic orphans" - what tosh. I certainly don't tell them to "Eat, drink and make merry for tomorrow we die." I tell them they are special, unique and amazing and that they have an opportunity to make this world spectacular and to enjoy all the beautiful diversity available to them. This life is precious because it's the only one we get. I want to fill my life with beauty, happiness and if anything makes me depressed it's that I spent a few years of my life not doing anything because I stupidly thought an afterlife would be better.

I'll never encourage anyone to "Just end it." because life is hard. Life is hard and the hard parts make us stronger, wiser and resilient. It makes us appreciate the good parts all the more.

The cherry on the top was when my friend, Jason Ball posted a link for those of us who won't know who Ablett is, which tells of his arrest in 2000 in connection to the drug overdose death of a 20 year old woman in his hotel room. Amazing he now feels he has any fucking right to tell other people how to be moral.

I think I can live without the jumble puzzle if this is the tripe Herald Sun thinks is news. I wrote a complaint to the Editor.

***Edit to add: I fucking knew it! That plagiarizing bastard!! C-word cword cword. (I can't say it, the kids are listening.)


Maja said...

He is getting a two page spread purely because he was a famous footballer. I wouldn't worry about Australia becoming evangelical just because of him. He's been brainwashed, that's for sure. He has the same expression as a brainwashed scientologist. Sad, really.

Brook said...

And that's why I don't read the paper anymore. I appreciate your efforts and support you in your striving to bring awareness to your neck of the woods and beyond.

Nej said...

You are a stronger woman than I...I would have written twat, then stopped reading. :-)

Liz said...

Hi Livvie
In my many comments here on this issue, I have never (I think) been in any way rude, disrespectful, or disparaging of your beliefs or thinking.
You continue to slam us unmercifully.
I.give.up. :(((
Mata ne
PS But no matter how you go on, it has never even come close to ruining even one second of my life.
Thank God !!!!!!! :))

Lyvvie said...

You're right, Liz; you've never been rude, disrespectful, or disparaging. But I'm unaware that you count yourself among the creationists who believe the Earth is only 6000 years old and who wish to have science discredited and disbanded without trying to understand any of it - is that you?

I will "slam unmercifully" against forced ignorance and religious pressure especially when it tries to push its agenda on me or mine through government or education channels. Religion belongs in the church and home. I'll quote a great atheist blogger:

"It is difficult to avoid the observation that, whenever believers give advice to atheists on how to run our movement, it is always in the direction of telling us to be more quiet, to tone it down, to be less confrontational and less visible. I have yet to see a believer advise the atheist movement to speak up more loudly and more passionately; to make our arguments more compelling and more unanswerable; to get in people’s faces more about delicate and thorny issues that they don’t want to think about; to not be afraid of offending people if we think we’re right. I have received a great deal of advice from believers on how atheists should run our movement… and it is always, always, always in the direction of politely suggesting that we shut up."

I'm sorry, Liz, but if your intention in commenting here was to politely tell me to shut up, then I'll have to kindly tell you; no I won't. I'm glad that nothing has disturbed you enough to ruin your life. You're a stronger believer with a deeper faith than the goofus who wrote that article because he's never read a biology book. He's never challenged himself to actually take in the scientific argument which was obvious from his ignorant comments. He wants to force the rest of into his rose coloured world whether we want it or not.

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious to know what all this religious dogma does to your blood pressure. Seriously. I bet it shoots right up when you read that shit.

And yeah, I thought everyone knew that Australia was a place they sent murderers and rapists to. Hm. Ahh, maybe one of those killer spiders will get him. :)

"C-word C-word C-word" That made me laugh. HARD.

Sy said...

All those drooling idiots who bring out the peanut butter jar proof only prove that they have no effing idea what evolution is! They are confusing their god's miraculous poofing into existence with the long, methodical process that is evolution. Twats, indeed!

Liz said...

Actually the theory of evolution and the Word of God co-exist quite peacefully in my mind.
Another instance of mis-translation, I don't think God's "day" necessarily contains 24 hours.
6000 years ?? Where did that come from ??
And I don't think that I even came close to, politely or not, telling you to "shut up".
Sorry you took it as such.
Quite defensive, aren't we? :))
Mata ne

Lyvvie said...

Liz, the Creationists believe in the literal story of Genesis. They have their own scientists who use the bible to figure out when creation happened and have come up with 6000 years give or take. 2008 Gallup poll found that 44% of Americans believe Earth was created by God around 10,000 years ago. 44% and these people have lobbies in government trying to get creationism and their Intelligent Design into schools. Ablett is one of them.

So you'll have to understand why, as someone who thinks that is completely ridiculous, would get defensive against anyone who thinks it's acceptable to put god in a science class or to force their brand of religion on the whole population. Defensive doesn't begin to describe it.

Your personal belief of the length of God's day is irrelevant and the Creationists would be just as defensive against such a claim.

I don't slam all Christians. I don't slam all religions. I argue for secularism in schools and government. I fight to keep my freedom *from* religion. I don't like Westboro Baptist church types, I don't like pedophile priests, I don't like church leaders who blame Haiti for it's earthquakes and I don't like it when they say Victoria's bushfires that killed over 170 people was because God removed his protection when the state allowed abortion.

I don't like ignorance and superstition. So yes, I get defensive. No one is asking you to agree.

Total Geek said...

This guy seems a bit like Chuck Norris in the U.S. Nothing like a rich, powerful, famous celebrity to tell us how we should all live our lives.

Total Geek said...

BTW, new reader here. So far, I love your attitude. You sound like a solid skeptic.

Lyvvie said...

Aye, solid skeptic-nearly jaded.

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the comments. Are you blogging too?

Anonymous said...

"I fight to keep my freedom *from* religion."

I agree completely! If someone wants to believe in myths and folktales that's fine by me. But please do not use belief in those stories with no scientific basis (but far be it from the facts to get in the way of religion) to make my laws or determine the boundaries of my freedom.

Anonymous said...

The "twat" on his forehead cracked me up.

Liz said...

I Really don't like the same things that you don't like.
And the Word of God don't like them too much either (at least in the one I read) ;))
Your defensiveness to the whole situation is totally ummmmm defensible.
On the other hand, I think we (you and I) might could find some commmon ground, if you could come down a notch from the defensiveness towards me. ;))
Mata ne