Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Lovely Toes

When they say that when you put a picture on the internet it stays there forever, they mean it. Although they may be hinting "Don't put naked pictures of yourself online" doesn't really matter what you put up; someone is going to appreciate it.

Hi Lyvvie!

one_wakey2 has sent you a message on Flickr.
Subject: hello
Date: 9th March, 2010

i like u pictures so much u have so beautifull ones i like special those i could see u feet (i have a feet fetish ) wish I post some comments also but was affraid i will ofend u about that sorry if somehow i upset or offend with that i have to say u have so sweet hot and sexy feet i like u color toes shape of u feet perfect arch


This isn't the first time I've read this kind of thing regarding my feet. I'm pretty sure he's talking about the pictures I took of my new Birkenstocks when I tried to photograph my feet in romantic light among a bed of flowers. I was being silly. Yet the picture was picked up and put around to some foot fetish sites and I've received emails like the one above ever since.


Sy said...

Congratulations! Your feet are hot, sexy celebrities :)

Makes me want to dig out that picture...

Sy said...

one-wakey2 is right. They are hawt! :)

Lyvvie said...

Have to add this:

Hi Lyvvie,

I don't have that google thingie so I can't leave comments on your blog. Just wanted to tell you, I'd rather look at your face than at your feet :) I never understood foot fetishists. Butts, that's another thing.

Interesting video about the Christian education thing. I had no idea things were that bad in Australia. Is it just your school district, or is this an Australia-wide problem?


Malathion Merkin (AKA B&W) (You can click the open ID button and add a comment via Wordpress. ;)

Everyone loves a bug free merkin, I know I do. I know what you mean about feet. I'm more of a shoulders and chest person but I admit, with the winter Olympics, I got the urge to squeeze the thighs of the speed skaters. I want to see the definition without the tights on. I guess, it doesn't matter, everyone has a best feature, it's how it's shown that important.

Regarding the religion in schools, I think it's similar across the states and territories, but each state has its own board of education and the rules may be different. I've looked into Queensland, who have the same problem, and New South Wales does too. The government just gave over $160 million to the chaplaincy program to promote Christian/Catholic/Judaism religion to primary aged children. Not all 3 at once, you get to choose which one you want to be a part of. Although if not enough parents want one particular module, I don't think it'll be offered. Not for one kid. It's scandalous.

jomamma said...

Hmmm, I don't know if I should congratulate you or make you a pair of socks. I use to get a lot of obscene phone calls when I was a stay at home mom. I don't get so many now... cuz I'm at work.

Malathion said...

Oh, hey, I can comment as Malathion! I forgot about that.

And congrats for being the first person to get the Malathion Merkin joke, my brainy friend.

Maja said...

Yes, there are some creepy groups on flickr.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny...I love the color you used on your toes!

Victoria said...


There was this pair of open toed platform shoes I wore for a while during the last six months I waitressed that, one day, I was made to realize, provided one customer with too much to work with - foot fetish-wise.

I was grossed out, and pissed because as high as those shoes were, they were incredibly comfortable (platforms being stealthily comfortable) and, as much as he was all into my feet, I had to get around + look good. So, as far as I was concerned, the only thing that had to go was him (not my shoes).

As it turned out neither had to go.

I quit a few days later, anyway. Besides, who knows what else people were focusing on that are seemingly innocent (yet fetishized by someone else)?

Should such make me feel weird and dirty?


(It did. But SHOULD it?)

Nej said...

You have famous feet...not everyone can say that. :-)