Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Dark Side

I'm a bit grumpy. I'm preoccupied with the CRE stuff. I'm a bit flat on my bento hobby insofar as I'm going through the motions but not really finding any new inspirations - I say this as I've figured out how to make nice pot stickers and rice paper wraps but I don't think those things would be nice cold in a bento...I just don't know. Try? Maybe. Blah. Perhaps.

I've been invited to write a guest post over at The Friendly Atheist regarding CRE, which I'm honored and terrified over. I've gotten the support of Hugh Wilson at the Australian Secular Lobby to put some information forward too,* and share the spotlight - what can I say, I've got stage fright! When that's up, sometime next week, I'll post a link.

My computer, she struggles to keep up. I should be more patient, understand her limitations but I get frustrated. This is how it is when you get old. Thankfully she lets me know when I'm being unreasonable and crashes spectacularly. She made need a visit to the Mac Dr and get cleaned and lubed and upgraded.

Payday seemed a long way away for a long time even though it's the shortest time between paypackets. These kids!! They keep growing! I just bought those jeans! Why are they above your ankles??? Sassy in particular is getting an inch a week it seems. She's now taller than most of the boys of in her class. It won't last, but for now I think she kind of likes it.

I've had a raging case of PMS this week. I rarely get proper PMS. My usual symptom is a sudden burst of energy and a need to go to the gym and be active and I have renewed ability to organize and motivate. This week: Bitchfest. I'm not fun, I'm not tolerant, I'm not smiling. I had a drink induced day of high spirits, but after that I was the Glum Goddess. I better get some chocolate fast or someone's gonna get cut. I've been expecting it for days and it finally appeared an hour ago. Now I just want it over with, and hope everything stays where it belongs.

Onward, forward, here I go.

Guilt trips from home. Fucking annoying. Not going to even bother going on about it. Apparently email isn't the same as real mail, and a phone call counts for nothing. I'm sorry I'm so lax about thank you cards but you have known this for 14 years. It's why I call, it's more personable. If I'd known you filed them away to check at a later date to tally up against items sent, I would've told you earlier you were being obnoxious. Then I still would've called and not sent a thank you note.

I need to do push ups, and I don't know why. How can hormones inspire guilt over push-ups?

I really am the second happiest person I know. Shorty is the first. I need more happy grown-ups around me. Where have all the happy grown-ups gone?

For fuck sake! ...no reason that time. Just speaking aloud.

*I'm fucking stressing over where that damned comma should go! It's not like it's the all important fucking comma in the whole fucking world but I had it in my head that a comma always precedes the word too but when I put one before and then after to separate the thought it looked fucking stupid and now I'm just annoyed at how fucking spurious our language is with its damned fucking rules. If I look it up I give in. And don't one of you dare tell me! I'll figure it out. FUCK! I started a sentence with and and that's bad too!! I'm going out for chocolate...after I double check. OH - now it's ok to start a sentence with and and but? Dickheads changing the rules. I'm still mad about the comma though and think it's best to let that one pass.


jomamma said...

That's so annoying when they change those rules that were drilled into your head all those years in school. Who do they think they are, Texas School Book writers? tee hee....

Anonymous said...

"Proper PMS" I'm going to put that on a t-shirt!

I want to hear more about the family drama stuff. Call me crazy...

I would have skipped the "too" and the comma, or maybe I would have put an extra comma in and added 22 exclamation points. I'm all about the not giving a shit.

Brook said...

Punctuation, grammar, penmanship...they are all going the way of the dodo, don't stress about that. Finding happy people is a good idea, look for people who are laughing out loud every where you go.
Proper PMS should be on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. As for the rest of it, whatever. Some people will never be satisfied.

Lyvvie said...

Those Liberty graduate school book writers. Grrr I don;t like them! slimy, lying, history twisting Satanists. If anyone is promoting evil, it's those turds.

I'll email you, Roxy.

Brook, I think because I played the dumb card so much as a kid in order to get people to like me, that now I'm fed up with people thinking I'm dumb and any sign that I'm not portraying myself as smart gets me anxious. I still hate it when someone tells me a joke, and I don't think it's funny but lack the charm to laugh anyway and the other person goes on to try and explain the joke to me. Painfully, awkwardly. I need a button that says "Seriously, I'm like a Vulcan with this shit" to flash at people. It's not that I'm too dumb to get the joke - your joke just sucked.

Brook said...

I hear ya-I think I had written already but somehow didn't publish my comment and now don't remember. Whatever...wine induced hilarity is here so I can't reply in any coherent fashion.
Maybe you could laugh at them for thinking they are funny? They would be easily confused and really not get it. Oh wait. Then they might think you actually like them and their not funny humor and that could lead to more discomfort...shit. I'm no help.
In other news I just saw a commercial for a movie that is only funny if you know grammar and punctuation in the spoken form...
"Walk Hark the Dewey Cox story" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yzjtnj8Y3U)(that might not be it...)
I'm busy drooling over Timothy Oliphant...excuse me.

Nej said...

Rules, schmules...grammar, schmammar. Make up your own, it seems everyone else can, why can't we? :-)