Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad habit confessed

For some reason I've been forgetting to eat breakfast. I then eat my leftovers lunch at about 10:30, skip lunch and am starving by 4pm. After school the kids are constantly nagging me for snacks but I tell them they can finish what they didn't eat from their lunchbox, or have fruit but after that they hear "You can wait until dinner" which leads to frustration and crying and hateful glares.

...all the while I'm sneaking bites here and there because I'm starving too. Then when dinner is done, I'm not hungry. I tell the girls I'll wait and eat with Daddy but most of the time, I plate up my dinner and have it for 10:30 lunch the next day.

It's so naughty. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this.


Anonymous said...

I eat in the morning between nine and ten, then I have a light snack/lunch around one, then I eat supper at six FAITHFULLY. Then I usually have snacks at different points in the day. Oh, and I like to have a big bowl of raisin bran before bed if I'm still hungry. No wonder I'm getting a muffin top and crave diarrhea.

Nej said...

I started forcing myself to eat breakfast, because everything I read (and my gym trainer) kept telling me to. It does make a difference on how hungry I am before lunch. It was getting so bad, I kept going to lunch earlier and earlier. :-)

Maja said...

I work with a guy who eats every two hours. He's not fat, either. Maybe you should have tiny meals more often. Have you thoughtabout having dinner with the girls at four?