Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's going to happen in June??

A new thought has bothered me this week. As we wind down from the summer heat and I notice the signs of autumn, I'm struck by the familiar excitements of autumn and winter holidays. Yet, those aren't going to be there me this year.

I realized, there won't be any Christmas with bright lights during the darkest months. I don't know if Australia has any kind of equivalent. Halloween as an acknowledgment of the end of summer. The solstices certainly occur, but without the appropriate timings. Aussies celebreate the same holiday as the northern hemisphere. A winter celebration on the summer solstice. But for the Aussie winter solstice; where's the party to say Hooray! It's not going to be so dark anymore? The only holiday for June is the 14th of June for the Queen's birthday, and the Aussies aren't big Queenie fans.

Solstice is on the 21st/22nd and there's nothing. No parties. No lights. No songs. It's going to be strange.

I've googled about and there are music festivals and a couple solstice themed things but they're not national, they're local. There seems to be a lot around the Gold Coast.

I think I'll see if I can scrounge up some outside lights, and decorate for solstice this year. Maybe put the tree up again. Not going to buy presents and stuff, but just have the merriment feeling around the house.

I do, still, keep thinking it's August going on September. I have to remind myself it's February. I've zipped half a year ahead. The kids were saying some of the same, but I think school will be a sufficient distraction for them that it won't their senses off too much. I'm just buggered.

Wait, wait! What's this I've found? It's a Winter Celebration with lights! I missed this last year because we arrived the weekend after it finished. Oh, I feel a bit better now. I'm very much looking foward to this! You have to admit, religious or not, that the lights, sounds, smells of winter festivals, be they Christmas or any other, are wonderful and exciting memory makers when it's been cold and dark. We need cheery reminders that the light will return.


Marg said...

Well there you go. I hadn't seen that before! And you might be able to go to Abbaworld at the same time! LOL>

Brook said...

I was going to say maybe find a pagan group that would be celebrating solstice but it sounds like you found a great party for everyone. YAY! I can hardly imagine the feeling of backwardness that being below the equator must bring. Really, my mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

It's like you're in Bizarro World or something! We were on our way home last night and couldn't believe that it was still somewhat light out at 7PM!

Nej said...

I'd never thought about not having those celebrations at the end of the season. I'd feel like the twilight zone or something. Backwardland.

Enjoy the festival...looks like fun!!!