Friday, February 19, 2010

Silver linings and whatnots...

Day three of the menstrual cycle is a great time to break in new jeans.

Jury is out on the practicality of day two shopping for new jeans. That takes a special kind of masochism. Sadism. No I think I was right the first time. It's probably a mix of both as the hormones make me moody.

However, I like these jeans so far even though they are straight leg and not bootleg. I've worn bootleg since I was 19. I feel very strange with the lack of material around my ankles. I'm almost tempted to peg them, because that's what I did the last time I wore straight leg jeans. Best thing, they were only $45 at Target and Target was having a 20% off jeans day. I only bought them because the bootleg style only had my size in short length. In fact they had a whole lot of short in all styles. Seems my neighbor hood are all regular or tall. Or Target thinks we have far more short women that we actually have and they're losing tons...perhaps hence the 20% off? I was lucky to find these.

Totally craving a new pair of boat shoes. I totally just typed totally.

***After posting this I did a wee search for boat shoes, because I was suddenly obsessed. I've ordered these and these in red. I hope I love them. If not, I'll return them, but I want to love them.


Anonymous said...

I went jeans shopping last weekend with Murphy and I've never felt so disappointed in my life. I hope I can lose five pounds so that the jeans I have fit better because there is fuck all out there for someone who is shaped like a potato.

Brook said...

I won't talk about poundage, water weight or cramps when jeans hit just the "right" spot on my tummy.
I will say that I should move to AU because they have short jeans which are always in short supply here.

Lyvvie said...

My new jeans are actually really nice. Very comfy. I only wish there was 100% cotton jeans for women out there. Seems they only make stretch jeans. f I want 100% cotton I have to buy men's jeans. Levis don't like size 16 women the bastards. then again why would I spend the money of Levis? They're stupid money for what they are. What are they? Fucking denim! How dare they charge what they charge!

Nej said...

The link for the first pair you bought didn't work...but the second pair are completely awesome! (Although, I'm slightly addicted to red shoes, I admit.) :-)

I need to go jeans shopping again...but am not looking forward to it.