Sunday, February 14, 2010

I don't care if they like it! It's Wrong!!

Sassyface was telling me that the chickens at her school really like chicken nuggets. It seems Sassy has been sharing her nuggets with the chickens. I told her that was a terrible, awful, bad thing to do!

"You're letting those chickens be cannibals!"

"But they like it!"

"I've heard that people who are burned on funeral pyres smell like pork. Would you like me to feed you some crispy people meat?"

"Don't say that!! I'll have nightmares now!"

"But you'll like it!"

"Shut up!"

I know I go to extremes, but I think I made my point.


Anonymous said...

I think you should cut her a break. Everyone knows that chicken nuggets are made with anything but real chicken. I don't even want to think about what's in them.

*wanders off to cook some bacon*

Lyvvie said...

Nono! These are chicken breast chunks with a fine herb crumb. I wouldn't buy reclaimed meat nuggets for my kids. Not after watching Jamie Oliver's demonstration. Eyh-gads!

Beth said...

I strongly approve of this type of Terrorization Of The Child. Don't let anyone tell you you're a bad mommy. Not only do you get your point across in an unforgettable way, the kid is pushed to think really hard about such things AND, best of all, has an awesome story when she grows up. We should all be so lucky.

Suisan said...

If I tell you that Chickens regularly eat broken eggs and slurp up the yolks, does that change this scenario at all? I had chickens and they were pretty strong carnivores -- mice, worms, meat, feathers, dairy, you name it.

But I can see where cannibalism can be a problem. I think.

And I totally agree with terrorizing the child. Mine are constantly asking me, "Seriously? Like, you mean it?"

Brook said...

totally what Suisan said. totally. Oh, and you aren't a bad mom at all.

Lyvvie said...

I know, I know, but chickens are animals and we're humans and we're supposed to be better than all that. Sure the chickens don't care - but we should care. I think it's morally wrong to feed an animals a cooked piece of kin meat.

Isn't that how mad cow disease started? There was bad meat in the cattle feed? Feeding meat to vegetarians!

I used to get grossed out at the dairy ice cream shop when people would be offering the cows a lick. But that's gross on many more levels. I wouldn't offer a cow a hamburger! Soylent Green is people, people!!

I thought telling her would put her off bacon, but it hasn't and she's not come to me in the night with "I had a nightmare and it's all your fault!"

I'm still stunned the kids aren't vegetarians after all the Disney movies they've watched over the years.

tornwordo said...

Have you told her of the monster under the bed yet?

jomamma said...

I'm with you Lyvvie, that's just gross... mad cow, crazy chicken, dogs and cats living together in sin... pack the Family Truckster we're going to Hell.

I also used Terror Tactics in raising my children, just as my mom had before me. And look at my kids... wait, maybe you shouldn't. I have some damn good stories because of it too.

Suisan said...

Picky, picky, picky me.

Take it or leave it and know that I wholeheartedly approve of your raising of your child.

However. Cows are not omnivores. They are obligate herbivores. They don't even do well on fruits, vegetables, and grains. They do much better on grasses. Therefore, when you feed them protein, blood, and bone meal which is made from the desicated bones and organs of sheep, you have a problem.

Note here though that it wasn't *cannibalism* per se -- the cows ate sheep parts. Cows also don't process grains (as in *corn*) super well -- their gut flora goes out of whack and you can get some very sick cows. Cows really should be eating grass, but they get fatter on grain.

Chickens however are NOT herbivores. We see them out on the grasslands pecking at the ground, but they are mostly eating seed heads which have fallen off the grasses and bugs. Lots of bugs. And they'll happily slurp up a nest of baby mice if they find them. Where I live we have fence lizards who shed their tail if they are startled.

Well, my cat likes to startle them and then he lines the wriggling tails up in front of my slider door. I then tossed them to the chickens who had a great time with them. Flinging the tails in the air, fighting over them, slurping them down like spaghetti.

Chickens are weird and slightly scary beasts. Trust me.

Brook said...

Hey did you see where they are reverse engineering chickens to see if they are really mini t-rexes? It is an interesting concept.

Lyvvie said...

I was telling Husband about this last night on the sofa and he turned to Sassy and said "Would you like us feed you some baby bits?" To be on the same page as your spouse is great.

Oh - we get wee lizards here that do that too, they're called skinks.

I'm with you 100% on the cattle farming issues. I read up on the causes of mad cow after I commented on it. It's even more disgusting than chicken nuggets to the chickens.

I guess I never thought of the common chicken as bird of prey. I like them even more for controlling mice populations.

I have not seen the reverse engineering stories. I have seen where they've found bird fossils in China where they've managed to get the pigments for the feathers and recreate the plumage - and it looks remarkably like a chicken!

Sy said...

I had a rabbit that liked bologna, but that's different...

Chickens shouldn't eat chickens. Eggs don't count as chickens yet - even most vegetarians agree with that. But chicken nuggets - yeah, at least in this case, it's chicken!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, scare them straight!