Monday, February 01, 2010

Forgotten again...

I forgot my own blogiversary, again. On January 10th, this blog turned 5 years old. Hooray. Okay enough about that.

I'm back from my vacation!! We went to the seaside town of Warrnambool (it's spoken like it's spelled) and took some drives along the Great Ocean Road which is pretty fantastic and was very reminiscent of Cape Cod when it gets down to one lane both ways complete with small off the side of the road towns (Like Truro) (Of course that only makes sense to those who've ever driven to Provincetown). What was missing were the lobster specials. How can this place be coastal and not have lobster, corn on the cob, homemade coleslaw and fries at every roadside shanty - I just don't know. Colour me disappointed!

some pictures:

P1000526Great Ocean roadMartyr's CoveTower Hill KoalaSassyFaceShorty

There are more here if you're interested.

I had two days at the radio station and it was pretty cool to see how they operate. I had planned three days but they had folks on holiday and were short staffed. I sat in on the morning show and was stunned at how much is not actually live - almost none of it. They pre-recorded most of the content before the shift starts and any phone in things are done 15-20 minutes before aired. I spent a good bit of time in the news room and loved that part of the job. The editing down was challenging. Take two pages of news and condense down to three sentences. Take three minute phone interviews and edit out all the uhms, ahs and repetitive waffle for a 15 second sound bite. My story went to air as well which was pretty cool. I wrote a couple of adverts, too. The otgher areas lie prodiuction of the adverts I didn't get to do much as that was the guy on vacation. I figured, rather than hang about watching the stressed replacement guy slog through, I'd take an extra day to site-see with the family.

I read through the two Nora books (Sullivan's Woman and Island of Flowers) rather quickly. Neither were hot and heavy, in fact they both had marriage proposals before actual heavy petting (hence no sex in either story) but it didn't bother me at all. What did bother me was the over the top machismo of both men. Rude, brusque and obnoxious. I know both of these stories were written in the early 80's, but were men rally that insensitive before the advent of the Sensitive Man? Self-centered and closed off. I didn't get it really. Sure they were smart, handsome and passionate about what they were doing but still; ease up on the testosterone a wee bit or at the very least get a sense of humor. So. Intense. The men were by far the moodiest of the couplings. The women were pretty plucky but putty in the men's hands. meh. I didn't hate but didn't love either. They were a pleasant holiday like.

Which is why it was a good thing that at the last minute I decided to grab my Flowers From The Storm by Laura Kinsale because I was really needing an absorbing read. I think the first time around on this book, which was six months ago-ish, In my new book eagerness, I rushed it. I needed to know what all they hype was about!! It then became my favourite book. I've left it since then, even though I wanted to start it over again right after finishing it. I'm enjoying it just as much, and since I know what happenes, I'm taking my time over it. Reading it with an eye for foreshadow.

Question: Does Christian have a stroke or an aneurysm? I think a stroke as he's talking about the tingling in his fingers before it happens. But I don't know enough about aneurysms to know if that is also a symptom. I had the question when I read the first time through but don't know if I asked. Also I'm so shite about using tags I don't know when the post was and am too lazy too search it out.

Still reading it now, They've just absconded.

I'm needing my gym back.

I'm slightly tanned. I also have a weird tan in the four inches between my ankle socks and my capris.

We did not swim in the ocean once. Sassy had an infected toe and if she couldn't swim in the ocean, it was only fair none of us did.

I think I'm done.


northern musings said...

but did you stop in Apollo Bay and have fish and chips???? The best fish and chips I have ever had were had there.

Anonymous said...

Clam strips? OMG I'd kill for some of those.

Um, I find it shocking that both your kids were wearing sweaters and one in long pants! Didn't you say it's hot there right now? Canadians stop wearing long pants in May and we don't put them back on until the end of September. =)

The pictures are glorious. It breaks my heart to look out my own window and see the snow and the -21C staring at me on the thermometer.

tornwordo said...

Congrats on the five years. The infected tow would have benefited from the sea water. Heals all wounds, it does. REally nice pictures!

Lyvvie said...

NM- We didn't go as far as Apollo Bay, but we are going back this winter to see the Warrnambool whale nursery. Last year they had a record number of whales and calves. We'll add Apollo Bay to that trip.

HinH- That morning it was cool and cloudy threatening rain. The coast was much cooler because of the coastal winds. Later the coverings served as sunburn protection. Notice they aren't wearing hats. That night Husband and Sassy both had sunburned scalps (Shorty's more sun resistant and my curly hair prevented a parting). They are both now brushing out tons of dandruff from those burns. Pretty gross, Brushed a piece as big as a corn flake off Sassy's head last night.

jmc said...

What gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

These photos make my cry, they're so beautiful. But I'm not shedding any tears for you. No lobster? Poor thing. You had to survive on beautiful scenery and fish n' chips? How did you ever go on? ;)

Brook said...

Your photos are beautiful!
Now on to the book.
Flowers in the Storm is one of my all time favorite books ever. I read it when it first came out back in 1992. I had a copy that I read many times but eventually lost what with all the moving I did. Bought my current copy in 2003 it looks like. I thought it had been more recently than that. Oh well-time zooms. I love the story. Love it. An aneurysm is an enlarged vessel in your brain, and when it ruptures it causes a stroke and is often fatal. Strokes have many causes, aneurysm rupture is just one. My grandfather as a young man was due to be shipped overseas towards the end of WWII and decided to go AWOL for a little R&R just days before his deployment. He and his buddies were located by MP's and a bar fight ensued. My grandfather got hit so hard he lost consciousness and stayed out for 2 or 3 days. They ended up doing x-rays and discovered he had an aneurysm that had NOT ruptured. Instead of shipping him off they gave him a medical discharge and sent him on his way with full benefits. Long story short when he was 39 and a week before my uncle was born the aneurysm ruptured. My grandfather, knowing his condition, recognized immediately what had happened and was able to let it be known that he needed an ambulance. He survived and eventually recovered much of his faculties though he remained paralyzed on his right side the remainder of his life. He died from complications of multiple strokes brought about by high blood pressure when I was 17.
The End.
PS his story is one of the reasons I love this book. My grandmother survived a stroke brought about by high blood pressure(the day before Maggie was born as a matter of fact)and has recovered quite well though she too suffers from partial paralysis in her left arm.
Okay. That was long. Whoops.
I think I'll copy it and put it on my blog too.

Nej said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures. I keep looking at them, then outside my window where 5 inches of snow fell last night, and it hasn't stopped yet. Then back to your pictures...then back to the window.

I'm shutting the blinds. :-) :-)

Nej said...

And...congrats (belated) on 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!

Chick said...

First of all...stunning photos! Wow...doesn't look like the Cape to me : ) I love the drive to Provincetown (one of my fav. places).

Congrats on your anniversary.

Oh, & thanks for the book ideas.

Maja said...

Great photos!

I would have thought swinning in the ocean would totally help clear up the infected toe.

I know lots of rude, brusque and obnoxious men. Extremely moody, too. Way noisier than women! Maybe they're all working on minesites.

There is tingling during an aneurysm, we just had a guy up at work a couple of weeks ago who had an aneurysm at work (after work hours though). He called the medic who figured out what it was, and he was flown out by the flying doctors. Unfortunately one of them was on his brain stem and inoperable and he died the next day.

Sounds like it was a really interesting time at the radio station.

The Coffee Lady said...

Our children have the very same stripy fleece jumper. If you care.

Lyvvie said...

Of course I care!! Shame that Next's current selections for jumpers are woefully vile.