Friday, February 26, 2010

The Doctor says...

Yes I have a bit of a double prolapse - a bit from the top and a bit from the bottom but it's not critical. Weakened perineum from episiotomy. My cervix is still roughly where it belongs. She says if it gets worse then my option is hysterectomy. Fuck that, I said kindly. I asked about pessaries and she said that's the old fashioned way of fixing it. The menstrual cup - which I brought with me to show her in case she'd never heard of them, which she hadn't, is not any worry. "It's no bigger around than an erect penis..." she says, shyly. So the cup can stay.

I've got a referral to a gynecology surgeon, a physiotherapist, and I have to have bloods taken to rule out poly-cystic ovaries and check that my hormones are up to par. I also need to lose weight, and I expected her to tell me that. I did mention I exercise regularly, I don't drive but walk everywhere and I've started to jog a 3-5K 4 days a week. I also mentioned that I've had a similar exercise routine for four years and haven't managed to get below 200lbs once. Both my grandmothers were well over 300lbs. My body doesn't like to give up its hard earned rolls. I'll gain muscle like nobody's business, but burn fat? Nope. Not shifting. Tried diet X,Y and Z? Yup. Starving, high protein, fat free, high fat, dairy free, grain free, name it. Still, she suggests 20kgs/44lbs. *pout*

But my heart is amazingly strong and my lungs are in fantastic shape. Blood pressure was in the high-normal range but it could be anxiety and caffeine. We'll see what my cholesterol is sitting at.

Feeling a wee bit defeated, but here's hoping the other two folks have something a bit more hopeful for me. I'll try and not beg for amphetamines.


Brook said...

Maybe if you ask nicely?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much a uterus weighs?

I've had an episiotomy too. Now I'm worried about my snatch. Thanks.

jomamma said...

I had to episiotomies, episiotomi... two of those snatch open and close surgeries, I had small babies so it really wasn't a big deal. I use the cup thanks to Lyvvie... such good advice. I can't run, I can walk really fast. When I run I start my period.... hmmm wonder if my gootis is falling?

Lyvvie said...

Gootis is a new one! Explain the term gootis for me. I need an origin. The video a few posts backs where the woman says "I've had my Wendy Bo Dereked." I have no clue what she means by "Wendy" except as a mean term for her crotch is NeverNeverLand. Although, Wendy didn't stay in NNL and actually grew up so maybe it's an extreme feminine...erm...expression of maturity and whatnots.

Varying opinions on the weight of a uterus. An uterus? No I think we break the rule for uterus. A uterus weighs between 60-80grams for a healthy normal adult uterus. Less for a pubescent one, obviously, and more for a fibroid ridden one. So let's say 60-100 grams for the sake of comfort.

Someone tell me why they've not invented a silicone uterus for fuck's sake!!

jomamma said...

lol Gootis is just a word my sister and I (along with a set of sisters we grew up with)came up with. It's Sister Lingo. Origin would have to be small town West Texas English. Kind of like Whoha and Va-jay-jay. You just use gootis when you are in public and you don't want to say "Did you see that woman scratching her gootis?" I think my sister would spell it gootus. Either way, you have my permission to use it, maybe it will make the dictionary in a few years like whoha and vajayjay.

And where all good educational things start... it started here!