Friday, January 22, 2010

What do you think?

Further to my post Speaking in Tongues - Uttering Lies, I found this on the Young Australia Skeptics page. A student giving a graduation speech becomes overcome with the spirit. I think it's safe to say the school isn't the kind that normally promotes this kind of behaviour as the man who takes the podium requests someone call an ambulance. What do you think? Is she faking? Was this opportunistic proselytizing?

It's train wreck telly for me. It's creepy and curious all at once. Like the well dressed man rambling obscenities and threats into his lap with a smile on his face. You don't want to stare, but can't help it. I can't anyway, I've never been able to discreetly ignore the chemically imbalanced. In regards to the video, what do you think - nervous breakdown or religious spirit filling?


Chick said...

To me it looked like some kind of breakdown & what was with the guy so calmly getting on with the ceremony like nothing was happening behind him?!

Roxrocks said...

To me, it looked like she had some sort of device in her panties that overtook her. You know, maybe she had it stuck on 4 or something.

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