Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reading and writing

I'm back on the book swing. I've started a couple books and found them a bit blah but I struggled through them and just picked up the next one and didn't even mourn the loss of my just read. I didn't enjoy the two crammed into one novel by Nora Roberts called Captured and Ensnared. No - it was...Captivated and Entranced. Just the two. It supposed to be a trilogy as there are three Donovan cousins and it's thier stories, so the quiet Donovan one got shunted. I'm not all that interested to be honest in chasing it up to finish the trilogy. I think I'm past the supernatural phase of ramonce. I dabbled for a few years with the vampires, werewolves and magic peoples, but now I'm just going to go back to the good old fashion boy meets girl and have some antics and fall in love.

What I didn't like about it is how annoyingly smug the magic people were. Morgana was a witch but I found her touchy, moody and grumpy. When she was annoyed or thought she was being picked on or disrespected she performed magic as a way to intimidate and bully. Then she goes on about the "Do no harm" stuff but doesn't really practice what she preaches. I thought she was a self righteous arse. But I liked the hero...Nate? Nat? Gnat? Nash! He was pretty interesting as a character.

The second story was much more interesting. Psychic and P.I. work together to find a kidnapped baby. She's a complete skeptic and he's a bit alpha and amused by her. But only slightly condescending but seeing as he is a real psychic and not a fake he tolerates her prejudices up to a point. I much preferred this story. Apart from the family visits and the fact Morgana comes back to all knowing and ethereal but really...I just think she's a prig. Sadly, I can't remember their names.

I'm just not interested in the whole "I'm so much more than a mere human." rubbish. Give me some real humans with real emotions and no psychic baggage and "woe is me I'm so misunderstood" ramblings.

I went to the library today to return the Nora and I picked up...another Nora Roberts. It's called Portraits of Passion and in another two-for-one containing Sullivan's Woman (1984) and Island of Flowers (1982). I didn't even realize this until just now as I picked it up to tell you folks about it.

I also got Holy Fools by Joanne Harris which reads like it'll be batshit crazy:

Britanny, 1610. Juliette, a one-time actress and rope dancer, is forced to seek refuge among the sisters of the abbey of Sainte Marie-de-la-mer. Reinventing herself as Soeur Auguste,Juliette makes a new life for herself and her young daughter, Fleur.But when the kindly abbess dies, Juliette's comfortable existence begins to unravel. The abbey's new leader is the 11 year old daughter of a corrupt noble family, and she arrives with a ghost from Juliette's past — Guy LeMerle, a man she has every reason to fear and hate.

...just realized it's probably not a literal ghost, but a turn of phrase. Thought it was weird when I read it how an 11 year old would bring a ghost with her. I had an impression of The Ghost and Mrs Muir but I now see that's not the case which makes it a tad less batshit than I anticipated on my quick skim in the library. I know I just said I didn't want any paranormal stuff but a ghost haunting a former circus performer turned nun being tormented by an 11 year old Abbess whose the daughter of a known badd guy? I think the ghost would've been more interesting. Ah well.

Lastly I picked up Enchantress Mine by Bertrice Small. I've never heard of her. Three suitors, one flame haired lady. We shall see. Some pretty scathing Amazon reviews. I know that's a bad thing to do, almost as bad as peeking at the ending. That said I know one book person who must read the end of the book first every time. When she told me I was shocked. (It was Marg!)

We're away on vacation next week to Warrnambool. I'm not sure yet what fascinating things await us in Warrnambool, although it's got some nice beaches and it's near the Apostles (I like Sow and Piglets better). It's also where the radio station I'll be doing my visit is situated. I'll be there for three days while the family go and enjoy sites and lounge about the beaches. We're all excited. Also it's Australia Day next week so it shall be fun to see how it's done and we get to be in a family camping ground so fingers are crossed there will lots of fun. It's also Husband's birthday - so I'll be buying a cake for that. I'm not baking on our vacation. I don't think he'll mind. Lastly, it's Burns Night, but I doubt we'll be able to rummage up a haggis.

The kids are back to school on the 1st of Feb. Well Sassy is back. Shorty starts first time. They are both eager to get going. I bought the pencil cases and kits and junk and stuff which they are foaming at the mouth to get fiddling with.


Marg said...

Every darned time! LOL!

Pity you are away next week. I am having my one and only day off for the school hols next Wednesday and was going to suggest getting together. Maybe on one of the weekends just after school goes back.

jomamma said...

Have you ever read Songs in Ordinary Time? I think it's by Toni Morrison, I could be wrong. It has a lot of characters and a lot going on. It's not a full blown 'hip thruster' but does have some romances. Have fun on your Holiday.

Lyvvie said...

Jomamma made me laugh with "Hip thruster" that beat "bodice ripper" although I've not read about a ripped bodice in eons. That's desperately passé now. Thrusting hips will be always be alluded to.

Marg - Glad you're not annoyed I outed you. I'd love to meet up one weekend. I'll text you soon and we'll make an arrangement.

Badger said...

Dude, back in my Romance days I was WAY into Bertrice Small. Especially the Skye O'Malley books. She writes a sex scene like nobody's business. I got bored with her stuff after a while, though, because it all seemed to follow the exact same formula: sweet young thing is done wrong by a man back home in the UK, somehow ends up in the far east as part of a harem, then returns triumphant and wins the love of a good man along with riches, etc. Fun for a few books, but boring after 10 or so!

jmc said...

Bertrice Small? Definitely a bodice-ripper writer :)

Warrnambool, I love the sound of it and the way it looks written. Am easily entertained.

jomamma said...

Hubby came up with the 'Hip thruster', he'd come in from work to find dinner not ready and the house a mess, his only comment would be "So did he 'touch her very womb'?"

Anonymous said...

I haven't read a Romance Novel since my Danielle Steele days, back in the early 90s. I refuse to read these vampire books that are popping up everywhere. Call me crazy!

Have fun on your vacay and take tons of pictures to post! I miss the sunshine and the warmth of summer and since it will be months before I see green grass again, I'd love to see it vicariously! Happy Birthday to the Hub too!