Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oi Vey!!

The racism! The guilt! The hypocrisy! What a brave girl. What a poor, sweet thing.

"Just stab me with a knife. Just stab me right now with a fucking knife!"

and yet...funny.

EMBED-Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents - Watch more free videos


jomamma said...

Oh my gawd.... she is so dead. That was funny. But I thought the parents sounded more like Italians that the DJ did. Well at least they sounded like the Sopranos. "They're not kosher..."

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh but when you think about the rage behind the religion, it's quite frightening!

"Ma, didn't you say the Italians were big in the pants?"


Lyvvie said...

It was the "You can't kiss him! He eats pork, that's not kosher!"

But really, YIKES!! I can't imagine living like that. The tension alone would make me sick. Living with such volatile people. Imagine what they'd do if she told them she was an atheist.

jomamma said...

I know.... that's the kind of kid that does a 360 on the parents. I had some Seventh Day Advent people who lived next door and the 4 kids went over the deep end when they got to high school. One went Goth, one joined the Carnival, one married way outside their culture and the other was gay just to spite them.