Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love new finds!!

I found a great podcast/interview/video show called LlewTube. Interviews are conducted by Robert Llewellyn who you'll know better as Kryton on Red Dwarf, and he picks people up in his car and drives them around while having a chat. It's wonderfully informal, just the kinds of conversations you'd want to have. Along with the funny reactions to traffic, squirrels on the road and squeaking windshield wipers.

I found it via Bad Science, Ben Golacre's blog as he's the most recent interviewee. But going to the LlewTube website I was happy to see the list of British folks having taken part. I thoroughly enjoyed the Patrick Stewart and Adrian Edmonson interview.

I'll be keeping a keen eye out for the newest interviews.

I've also loved - LOVED! - Julie Cohen's three part Character Arc post about how to write a character arc and how it helps her with plot and getting her through her writing process. It's just the advice I've needed to get me around the writer's block I've had on the story I've been procrastinating over fear of failure over for five years.

Lastly (and later added) as I was typing this i was dyeing my hair with yet another new colour. As the tone went immediately black I thought - fuck, it's going to be too dark. But it's come out perfect!! So now I'll have to rush out and buy five L'Oreal UL1 (Ultra-lightening) Natural Brown. It looks so natural, covered all my silvers and didn't make it overly red. It's perfect, and because it's perfect, they'll most likely discontinue it tomorrow because that's how my luck works.


jomamma said...

Get yourself to the store!!! Finally, over the counter hair colors are starting to compete with the hairdresser. The last time I used an over the counter color, my hair dresser thought I had cheated on her with someone else. She couldn't believe I'd done it myself.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when the color fades to a reddish color. It makes me look like Howdy frigging Doody. Mostly because of the big smile lines I have on the side of my mouth but whatever.

I need to color mine too. I bought L'Oreal Superior Preference in a medium ash brown. I should have read your post first but I suppose in Canada it might be different.

See how jacked up I am on the coffee?!