Friday, January 22, 2010

Is writing...

We'll see how long it takes before I have a confidence break down.

For me, trying to write something longer than a blog post is like trying to keep sand in a funnel. The more I do, the more it seems to get away from me. The more distracted I become by shiny, new ideas.

Knuckling down has never been a strong point for me.

When faced with writing, washing the dishes becomes an urgent priority. Yet I do like to write. I just don't want everyone else to think it's shit. I avoid trying.

Pathetic really. I've blogged this for years. Aren't you sick of it? I am.

I wonder if there's a behavior-mod shrink who could help me get to grips with this?

This whole post is a distraction, I confess.

***Two pages done and one letter to Grandma Betty.


Anonymous said...

I could never be sick of you. Seriously. You're always on the go. I like that. It means you are not dull. My blog is dull. It's always about poop or my rotten kids driving me crazy. Or maybe that's just my inner self kicking myself in my self esteem. Or something. I should never chase a Costco double chocolate muffin with three cups of coffee.

Brook said...

Heeheeeheee...Procrastinators of the world unite(tomorrow!). Seriously, I do the same thing-not to avoid writing-but the way I figure the dishes would never get done if I didn't have some project or other looming over me.