Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's next?

My class has finished and I have my certificate. Sadly, there's not much I can do now until February. First off, most of Australia takes its summer vacation pretty seriously and the whole pace slows down considerably after X-mas and New Year, or so I've been told to expect. The radio school is out of commission for the next few weeks until the middle of Jan and the kids are on break until Feb 1st. So for now, it's time to lay back and relax...

Yeah right. I'm too fired up now to relax. The mind is churning. I'm even more determined.

My last class was somewhat anticlimactic. We had a visit from the general manager and he gave a bit of a talk about the close knit family that is his radio stations. He manages all six. At one point he was asked if working in radio was a full-time commitment. I think he sort of misunderstood - I hope so anyway - because he began to go on about how radio isn't a 9-5 job. Folks work hard, happily, and may do 60 hour weeks. I asked what percentage of staff were part timers and he said none. He says the only regular 9-5er was the receptionist. No part time in radio. That doesn't quite bode well for me. I began to get a bit choked in class, hid it well. Telling myself I'd look into it. It's not his stations are the only stations. Then he left and we started the last homework assignment which was to prepare interview questions from a list of acceptable topics given to us by another classmate. Mine went pretty well as the guy was very much interested in Ultimate Fighting Championship and MMA, which I'd not known much about and spent some time researching to gain.

When it came around for me to be interviewed, the girl - who was sitting next to me - hushed me. she was hoping the instructor wouldn't notice she'd not conducted her interview. At the time I was fuming because I don't get much opportunity to talk about myself apart from the daily explanation of where I was born and from where we've emigrated. That gets tired - it was tired 13 years ago. (Most people think my accent is Irish which will amuse most people as the only Irish accent I can put on is Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted.)She did get away with it, the instructor didn't notice, not only that she'd not done an interview nor that I'd been interviewed and I was hurt because I felt so unimportant. I managed to talk myself out of that pity-party and realized the important part was conducting the interview - which I did. She was the doofus for chickening out. Things always make more sense when I remove my own ego from the problem.

First thing the next morning I looked around to community radio stations. Commercial radio may be all full time, but community is much more easy about scheduling. I looked about and find the station 3CR suits my needs. They also have classes to learn lots about how the station works. Sure, I'd be a volunteer, but no one gets into radio for the money (If they do they'll be disappointed). they also want new show ideas.

New show ideas.

They don't have an atheism show. They have an anarchy show, a pro-Palestine show, a few Women's interest shows but no atheism/free-thinkers/rational thinking/ secular humanism show. I bet they've pitched one. I'll also bet they've feared it's too controversial - several community radio stations have in the past, I've been told. So I'm buying a new, fresh notebook and I'm thinking. what would I want to hear in a show about modern atheism? What would I want to tell believers about atheists? How do we build bridges in society between multi-faiths and non faith? I wouldn't want it to be angry, shouting religion bashing because that gets old and people tune out, also I'd love to be seen as a good and decent person regardless of the fact that my morality doesn't come from fear of eternal damnation or making Big Daddy angry, or because of a holy script's instruction. Lots of things to ponder and even more to write out as a pitch.

Finally, let me tell you about an annoying thing that happened during class that's bugged me to no end, but that I've ignore and put aside, and I never should have...

Our instructor often wrote up things on a board. He would refer to it as the "White board", "Grey board" as it was grey and the "Not so white board". One day I quietly said "Wipe. Board." to him. He asked me to repeat. "Wipe. With a p, as in you wipe the words away. Wipe. Board."
His face lights up. "I've never heard it called that. Is that an american thing? Did everyone hear this? it's a wipe board!" I felt a tad silly, he was either having a genuine Eureka! moment or he was being sarcastic and I didn't pick up on it. But I think he was genuinely Eureka about it. Until the know-it-all at the other end of the table said "No it's not."

"Yeah it is."

"You made that up."

"Google it."

Now "Google it" is exactly what I should've said! From now on when I know something with absolute certainly and someone says "No, you're making that up." I'm going to say "Google it." as it was I shrugged and ignored her. I should be content with just knowing I'm right and she's an argumentative snotface. Google it, you'll see I'm right. Why keep calling a grey board a white board when you can legitimately call it a wipe board - I just don't know!!

So help me come up with ideas to pitch for a radio show! Doesn't have to be the atheism thing - what else would you like to hear about?


Maja said...

It really shits me how many companies expect their employees to work long hours for little or no extra pay and are completely inflexible about work hours and time off.

Such as my company that wouldn't let Jason and I work the same roster. And when one of the geos here got pregnant she was told there wouldn't be a position for her to work from Perth. Despite the fact that you don't need to be here to do what she was doing.

No flexibility from them yet they expect you to dedicate your life to them, as if it's a bad thing to want to spend time with your family.

Hey that was awesome about your drivers license!

I've never heard of calling a whiteboard a wipe board.

I google everything. I'm constantly suggesting that people google stuff if I can't answer their question because that's what I do.

jomamma said...

This is why we should all own stock in Google and now Bing.... I use google for everything.

You should have told her to google Bitch after she googled Wipe Board... she may have found her picture there. Maybe she'd find her picture on a wipe board!

Rox said...

They call them White Boards here but they are actually white, but Wipe Board would totally work too! I think the guy was totally having a bing-bing-aha-moment!

I'm always saying "What the hell did we do before the Google?!"

The only radio I listen to is the 80s station or the Pulse on Sirius radio, for music. But for talk radio? I listen to Rosie O'Donnell on Sirius 102. I like to listen because it's never the same show twice. One day they're talking about beer farts and the next they are talking about autism. I say mix it up and talk about things you are passionate about.

Victoria said...

Google-it. Everytime. There is no other more immediate type of tie-breaking authority. No one can argue with google-it. And no one ever need wait to goolge anything.

(and, I've even heard it called a "dry erase board", but in Chicago, so..)

jomamma said...

We call them Dry Erase Boards in Texas too. I do like Wipe Board though.

Lyvvie said...

It was that moment of "Shit, is it a wipe board? Have I always heard it wrong? You do wipe it clean so fuck-it it's a wipe board!!" And those seconds of questioning irk me more than the snooty blanket "No" attitude of my fellow classmate. I can't stand it when people are so stubborn about something like that. Why not be stubborn about something a bit more important than whether wipe board is a legit term. I've heard dry erase but it's too clunky to say vs white/wipe board.

But yes - google it. Don't hassle me with your stubborn attention seeking need to be superior when it's not really appropriate, argumentative ways. Just google it and STFU.

Lyvvie said...

Maja - your friend must have had some legal point to support her. She can't be punished for having kids. She should seek a lawyer. Especially if her job is such that she's not required on site. It would be better for the company in the long run as they won't have to pay to retrain a replacement. Thoroughly sexist and arse backwards.

northern musings said...

I must admit I have never heard of wipe board... It was always called a white board as opposed to the old version black board which was probably a chalk board - that you could also wipe with a duster, so for me it always made sense that the difference was between black and white.

jomamma said...

As a kid we called the chalkboard a black board and it was actually green. But no one ever called us on it. One thing we know for sure is to call that woman a bitch.

Victoria said...

Bitch! It's perfect, it's descriptive, it's totally effective (and it can be googled if need be..)